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 Q&A session with Vestas prepares students for the final


Vestas QandA.jpg

All Norwegian teams participating in the CFA Institute Research Challenge were given the opportunity to ask Vestas' representatives business relevant questions that may help them improve their equity analysis of the company and succeed in the local final in March. 

Mathias n and k g, both representing the investor relations team in Vestas, had to answer a number of well-prepared questions from the students, ranging from market trends, financial investments and operations.

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 BI team crowned global champions

BI global RC winners.jpg

A team of four students from BI's Master of Science program in finance, secured the title of Global Champions in the 15th Annual CFA Institute Research Challenge on Thursday.

Over the past decade, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute Research Challenge has grown from just 91 participants in 2006 to more than 5000 students from 950 universities across 82 countries this year as the world's leading investment research competition.

"This competition has been an amazing experience! It really pushed us as a team to apply everything we had learned, both through our master and elsewhere, and apply it to real world equity analysis. To have a chance to win this you have to know the company better than anyone else. This means delving into the tiny details and extracting their impact on valuation," says the team. 

 BI Norwegian Business School EMEA Champions

BI Bygg RC.jpgA team of students from BI Norwegian Business School, representing CFA Society Norway and CFA Society Denmark, was announced as winners of the regional EMEA final in the CFA Institute Research Challenge.

The team is now moving on to the final lap the world's leading investment research competition to compete against the champions from the Americas and Asia Pacific regions in the Global Final on Thursday, 22 April at 8am ET.

This fourth time in the last five years, a team from Norway and BI Norwegian Business Schools qualifies for the global final of the prestigious competition

Winning team members, including Sara Trajchevska,Erlend McDougall, Sophie Borge and Joseph DiRenzo presented their analysis and buy recommendation on Danish energy company Vestas to a panel of distinguished judges from the international investment community.

 BI Norwegian Business School Named Winner of Local CFA Institute Research Challenge

BI winning team.jpg

CFA Society Norway announced today that BI Norwegian Business School's team has won the local round of the 2021 CFA Institute Research Challenge and will advance to the Regional competition where they will face other universities from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Winning team members, including  Sara Trajchevska,Erlend McDougall, Sophie Borge and Joseph DiRenzo with their analysis and buy recommendation on Danish energy company Vestas to a panel of distinguished judges from the investment community, including Isabelle Juillard Thompsen, CFA, Portfolio Manager at Gjensidigestiftelsen, Kumar Pandit, CFA, Partner at Somerset Capital, Melanie Brooks, Head of Sustainability at CARN Capital, and Mikkel Nyholt-Smedseng, Cleantech Equity Research Analyst at Carnegie Investment Bank.

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 Aiming for the regional and global finals

BI RC story.jpg

Both teams from BI Norwegian Business School aim for a spot in the regional and global final of the CFA Institute Research Challenge as they try to follow up the school's strong performance in the competition over the past years.

Students representing BI and CFA Society Norway have finished top five in three out of past four years the prestigious competition.

"We have put a lot of effort into this competition and so we would definitely be happy if we could make it all the way to the global finals," says Anders Høeg.

  Excited about challenging renewable case

NTNU RC 21.jpg

Five finance students representing NTNU in this year's CFA Institute Research Challenge are excited to learn more about the fast growing renewable energy industry as they currently prepare their research analysis of Danish wind power company Vestas.

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides finance students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis and professional ethics as they assume the role of practicing research analysts. 

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 Vestas revealed as subject company in CFA Institute Research Challenge kick-off 2021

Vestas rc.jpgThe local round of CFA Society Norway/CFA Society Denmark Research Challenge 2021 kicked off on Thursday where Vestas was presented as this year's subject company, teams of students from BI, OsloMet, Nord University and NTNU will analyze and present to a panel of industry judges in the local final in beginning of March.

In the upcoming months, participants have to put in numerous hours preparing a written equity research report with a recommendation and target price on the Danish renewable energy company, assuming the roles of practicing equity analysts.

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