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 About our Society

CFA Society Oklahoma promotes ethical and professional standards within the investment industry, encourages professional development through the CFA Program, and facilitates the open exchange of information and opinions. Our society is split between Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

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CFA Society Oklahoma Local Candidate Scholarship Opportunities

CFA Society Oklahoma will award six individuals each a $500 check to be announced at the 2019 summer social event (winning individuals do not have to attend the summer social to claim). The winning individuals will be selected by random draw. Entries in the drawing will be earned by attending any official CFA Society Oklahoma event including student-organized events that CFA Society Oklahoma approves between August 1, 2018 and May 31, 2019. Each event attended earns an entry, one must attend a minimum of 3 events in order to be eligible. Additionally, participating in the CFA Institute Research Challenge as an Oklahoma-based participant for the 2018-19 Research Challenge will earn an entry.

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Congratulations to those who passed Level I, II, III and to our new Charterholders​​​​!

The board of CFA Society Oklahoma is proud to say 54 local candidates passed one of the CFA Program levels during the June 2018 exam, and to our 7​ new CFA charterholders! Congrats to all these candidates, and good luck to those pursuing the next level. For more information please visit our  CFA Program page


CFA Society Oklahoma Elects FY19 Board

The society is pleased to announce our our 2018 - 2019 board of officers including: President - Doug Haws, CFA; Vice President - Chas Craig, CFA; Treasurer - Greg Baum, CFA; and Secretary - Steve Wyett, CFA. We would like to thank Michael Abboud, CFA for serving the board as the President this past year, and leading the society to another great year! Find out more​ about our leadership team, or other volunteer opportunities. 


University of Tulsa to advance Southwest US Research Challenge!

Congratulations to the University of Tulsa on advancing to the top 10 of the Southwest Research Challenge! The teammates include Madeline Soukup, Aleks Rapp, and Dinh Hoang and were supported by professor Joel Harper, CFA. The team will compete on Saturday, February 17, in Dallas against 9 other teams from the Texas area to defend their investment report. Best of luck to our local team!


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