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Financial and Valuation Modeling Boot Camp

Event Description

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During this interactive virtual boot camp, attendees will learn how to build financial models from scratch using a hands-on, step-by-step approach. Participants will work in Excel, constructing an integrated financial statement and its supporting schedules, while navigating through various sources of financial data and applying accounting, corporate finance, and valuation concepts. The class will use real company case studies.

Daily Training topics

Day 1 -Financial Statement Modeling
You will develop a 3-statement model entirely from scratch, inputting historical data and assumptions to project out financial statements by selecting, locating, and developing appropriate projection drivers.

Day 2 - Valuation and DCF Modeling
Participants learn how to value the company step-by-step, including how to estimate the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) in the real world, how to implement commonly used approaches to calculating terminal value, and how to use data tables to analyze a broad range of scenarios given different assumptions.

Day 3 - M&A Modeling
Participants will build a merger model in Excel to reflect the pro forma impact of various acquisition scenarios. Key topics covered include a quick test of accretion/dilution in all-stock deals, pricing structures (exchange ratios, collars, "walk-away" rights), purchase accounting, and the step-by-step allocation of the purchase price.

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8/26/2020 9:00 AM

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8/28/2020 5:30 PM





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<b> Financial and Valuation Modeling Boot Camp </b>, one of Wall Street Prep's most popular courses. <a href="> Read More. </a>


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