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 Annual Events

Member Meeting and Appreciation Dinner (September)

The Annual Member Meeting and Appreciation Dinner Event is CFAOC’s premier event each year featuring world class keynote speakers sharing timely information with members. This elegant cocktail and dinner event brings together 100 to 150 members of our society for networking, the sharing of ideas and a review of the Society’s past fiscal year. 

Past Speakers Have Included:
Arthur B. Laffer (2012)
Dr. Harry Markowitz (2009)
Dr. Esmael Adibi (2008)
Coach John R. Wooden (2007 CFA Day)


Holiday Luncheon and Charter Award Ceremony (December)
The Annual Holiday Luncheon and Charter Award Ceremony is one of CFAOC’s more popular events where members gather
to socialize and recognize the newest members of the Society. The winners of the Annual Market Forecast and Stock Picking Contest for the past year are also announced. The Luncheon is concluded with the time honored tradition of awarding and celebrating the achievements of this year’s CFA charterholder recipients. These proud individuals are recognized by their peers, receive their certificate and are warmly congratulated for their hard work and achievement. Our Holiday Luncheon typically has around 100 attendees consisting of members, candidates, students and guests.

Past Speakers Have Included:
Marla Harkness, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, TIAA-CREF (2012)
Jeffrey Lorenzen, President, Vintage Mutual Funds Inc. (2010)
John Rogers, President of CFA Institute (2009)
Andy Policano, Dean of UCI Paul Merage School of Business (2008)

Economic Forecast Dinner
The Annual Mid-Year Forecast Dinner has been very well received by our members and provides them with a venue to learn about current and expected market trends. These events attract between 50-100 members, candidates, and guests.

Past Speakers Have Included:
John Tousley, CFA, Senior Strategist, Goldman Sachs (2013)
Shane Shepherd, Ph.D., Head of Fixed Income Research, Research Affiliates
Edward Learner, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, UCLA
Gary Schlossberg, CFA, Senior Economist, Wells Capital Mgmt (2012)
Jason Hsu, Ph.D., Chief Investment Officer, Research Affiliates (2011) 

 Monthly Education Programs

CFAOC is committed to providing professional development opportunities to our members through an average of 8 - 10 luncheons or dinners each year featuring top quality speakers and industry professionals from around the world. These events attract anywhere between 40 to 100 members and guests and are a great opportunity for networking and idea sharing.

Past Speakers Have Included:
Bluford (Blu) Putnam, CME Group
Shane Shepherd, Ph.D., Research Affiliates
Gary Schlossberg, CFA, Wells Capital Management
Jason Hsu, Ph.D., Research Affiliates
William A. Cram, CFA, RCB Investment Management
Patrick Pascal, Chelsea Management Company
Rob Arnott, Research Affiliates
Dr. Ian Nield, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Tony Crescenzi, PIMCO
John Campbell, Congressman
James Meketa, Meketa Investment Group
Andy Policano, Dean of UCI Paul Merage School of Business
Matt Moran, CBOE
Erik Ogard, Russell Investments
Terry Ober, Cohen and Steers
Brent Bell, State Street Global
John Tousley, Goldman Sachs
David Burkart, Barclays
And many others…

 Student Events and Networking Opportunities

Future events still to be scheduled for the coming year may include opportunities associated with the Career Development Conference, Investment Research Challenge, Stalla/UCI CFA Review Program, Wine tasting, Angel’s Baseball Social and CFAOC Foundation fundraising events (golf tournament, silent auction, etc.)