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CFA Society Orange County Mentor Program


The CFA Society Orange County mentoring program is designed to help OCCFA members network and exchange ideas between experienced professionals and the next generation of leaders. Mentees must be a member of the society or CFA level III candidate. Based on both the mentors’ and mentees’ preferences they will be paired in the mentees’ current or desired career field. Mentors are encouraged to introduce their mentee to members of the society, provide background on the mentor's work experience, help with career decisions and provide general insight into the industry. 

The role of the mentor is to meet at least 4-5 times with their mentees over the course of six months, both during and outside of CFA sponsored events. Mentors & their mentees determine the days/times they will meet. Mentors might help their mentees set career goals, determine how to reach these goals and provide positive feedback and support as the mentee moves toward their goals. Working with a mentor helps empower mentees to reach their full potential and develop and reach positive career and personal goals.

 Expectations for the Mentor

  • Commit to being a mentor and participating in 4-5 meetings with mentees
  • Be proactive in your relationship with mentees
  • Encourage questions and conversation
  • Listen to the needs and expectations of the mentee
  • Offer suggestions and feedback

 Expectations for the Mentee

  • Commit to being a mentee and participate in 4-5 meetings/events with mentor
  • Be proactive in your relationship with mentor
  • Ask questions and participate in conversation; negotiate ideas and activities
  • Identify your needs and expectations and discuss them with your mentor
  • Be receptive to suggestions and feedback about professional skills and behavior
  • Realize that having a mentor is a privilege; work hard to take advantage of the opportunity

 Suggestions for Professional Activities

  • Meet one-on-one for lunch or coffee
  • Coordinate attending a CFAOC event together
  • Invite mentee to company meetings or industry events

 2018 Program Calendar of Events

  • TBD - Kickoff Reception  
  • TBD - Thank You Reception


To get involved in the CFAOC mentor program contact Paisley Nardini, CFA, at