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Dr. David Kelly, CFA and Steve Curley, CFA - COVID-19: Pessimist on the Virus, Optimist on the Economy 

[The Investors First Podcast, EP. 05]


Our guest today is Dr. David Kelly, the Chief Global Strategist and Head of the Global Market Insights Strategy Team for J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan Asset Management, David served as Economic Advisor to Putnam Investments, and as Senior Strategist/Economist at SPP Investment Management, Primark Decision Economics, Lehman Brothers and DRI/McGraw-Hill. David is a CFA® charterholder. He also has a Ph.D and M.A. in Economics from Michigan State University and a B.A. in Economics from University College Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. He is joined by local guest host Steve Curley, Chief Investment Officer of WaterOak Advisors and President of the CFA Society of Orlando. 

Dr. Kelly discusses the Guide to the Markets, how he thinks investors should be positioned going forward, what his return expectations are, and how COVID-19 will make long lasting changes to the economy. 

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Episode Notes


0:38  —  Colby Donovan and Steve Curley introduce the podcast

3:00 —Introduce Dr. Kelly

3:55 – Why he pursued the CFA designation

6:05 – Background on the Guide to the Markets

10:44 – Reason they started the Insights Podcast a few years ago

12:05 – What he's learned from studying prior market crises

15:48 – Future return expectations

18:12 – What permanent changes will occur after COVID-19 is behind us

20:12 – Why he is pessimistic on the virus but optimistic on the economy

23:34 – Where to be positioned going forward

25:17 – Where to reach him: Daily Insights updated daily and his LinkedIn page

26:02 - What is the most egregious thing that you have seen in the investment management industry over the course of your career?