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Jan van Eck and Steve Curley, CFA: Inside the Mind of an ETF Pioneer

[The Investors First Podcast, EP. 06]


This episode features Jan van Eck, CEO and Director of Van Eck Associates, which manages more than $50 billion.  He originally joined the family firm in 1992. He is joined by local guest host Steve Curley, Chief Investment Officer of WaterOak Advisors and President of the CFA Society of Orlando. 

In this episode, van Eck discusses the history of his firm, the early days of his career and what led him to eventually join the family business, the future of gold and bitcoin, how his firm decides to launch an ETF, some of his more popular ETFs including e-sports, green bonds and fallen angels, and what the future is for the industry. 

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Episode Notes

0:38 –  Colby Donovan and Steve Curley introduce the podcast

1:50 – Introduce Jan van Eck

3:20 – His path to joining the family business

6:05 – Why investors need to read more history

10:05 – Thoughts on gold and cryptocurrencies right now

13:50 – Future of a bitcoin ETF

17:30 – How the firm has grown to $50 billion in assets

19:28 – Trends in the industry and with fund flows in 2020

22:20 – His firms' e-sports ETF ($ESPO)

24:00 – The firms' decision-making process of launching a new ETF

25:20 – Importance of understanding China's economy

27:00 – Next bet for Van Eck Associates

28:35 – Thoughts on Green Bonds

30:15 – What foreign countries offer attractive risk/reward right now

35:10 - What is the most egregious ethics violation you have seen over the course of your career?