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 Liz Ann Sonders and Steve Curley, CFA - COVID-19: A Y-Shaped Recovery

[The Investors First Podcast, EP. 07]

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This episode features Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab.  In 1999, Liz Ann joined U.S. Trust—which was acquired by Schwab in 2000—as a Managing Director and member of its Investment Policy Committee. Before U.S. Trust, Liz Ann was a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Avatar Associates (1986-1999), an original division of the Zweig/Avatar Group. She was recently named to the inaugural Barron's "100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance." She is joined by local guest host Steve Curley, Chief Investment Officer of WaterOak Advisors and President of the CFA Society of Orlando. 

In this episode, Liz Ann discusses her career path from Zweig/Avatar Group to Charles Schwab, gender diversity within the industry, how she decides what content to read, how she utilizes Twitter day-to-day, why she thinks the recovery will take the shape of a "Y," and why she thinks diversification is as important as ever right now. 

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Episode Notes

0:38 -  Colby Donovan and Steve Curley introduce the podcast

1:26  Introduce Liz Ann Sonders

1:52 – Her career path

3:16 – Thoughts on gender diversity within finance

7:45 – How she scales herself around the Charles Schwab platform

13:45 – How she utilizes Twitter

16:13 – Her typical week and how that may change after social distancing measures are reduced

18:45 – Her thoughts on a possible "Y" shaped recovery

21:02 – Mistakes she could see investors making as the market rebounds

25:00 – What parts of the market she likes long-term

28:35 – Diversification benefits

30:34 – Why she thinks healthcare will drive the U.S.

31:40 – Follow her on Twitter @LizAnnSonders and read her research here

33:10 – End of episode questions