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Rob Forsyth and Frank Garcia, CFA: ETF's and Their Role in Markets During Uncertain Times

[The Investors First Podcast, EP. 14]


Our guest today is Rob Forsyth, Head of SPDR America's ETF Strategy at State Street. He was previously the Head of Exchange Traded Products and Derivatives with UBS.

Our local co-host today is Frank Garcia, CFA. Frank is the VP of the CFA Society of Orlando. He is a wealth advisor and Co-Chief Investment Officer with Resource Consulting Group, an independent fee-only investment advisory firm with $1.8 billion in AUM.

In this episode, Rob discusses how ETF's held up during the volatility in March, the trends within both fixed-income and equity ETF's, the impact of the Fed's buying program, why there needs to be better labeling for exchange traded products and how the education gap for investors can be closed.

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Episode Notes

0:38  —  Colby Donovan and Frank Garcia introduce the podcast

1:50 — Introduce Rob Forsyth

2:52 —  ETF trends in March and April

4:29 —  Fixed-income flows in March

8:55 —  Impact of the Fed buying ETF's

13:35 —  Equity flows in March

15:45 —  Thoughts on $USO and negative oil prices

19:30 —  State Street working to have appropriate labeling of exchange traded products

21:47 —  The education gap for investors to be more aware of what they are purchasing

27:12 —  Where investors are positioned with U.S. vs. International

30:43 —  Impact of COVID-19 and social injustice

35:44 —  Where to find information about Rob and State Street: Website

36:21 —  Who is the one person you'd love to have a conversation with right now?