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Below are some frequently asked questions about becoming a member of CFA Society Ottawa:

How large is CFA Society Ottawa?
The CFA Society Ottawa  is proud  to represent over 380 active and retired charterholders in the Ottawa capital  region.  The Society's membership profile is unique  compared to other  societies in Canada  due to Ottawa's position  as the center  of many federal services. A breakdown of this membership can be found on the right.

Is it necessary to join CFA Society Ottawa?
No, however it is necessary to apply concurrently for membership in CFA Institute and in a CFA Institute Member Society.

Are there any other benefits to joining CFA Society Ottawa?
There are several benefits to joining CFA Society Ottawa:

  • Access to all Society events at reduced rates.
  • Networking opportunities with local investment professionals.
  • First notification of all finance job postings in the Ottawa region.
  • Ability to participate  in our Mentorship and Ambassador Programs.

In addition, there are several benefits to joining CFA Institute:

  • Access to CFA Institute conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • A subscription to the Financial Analysts Journal.
  • Access to the CFA Institute JobLine.
Read more about the benefits of membership here.

Do I have to pass my CFA level III exam before I can become a member of CFA Society Ottawa?
No. All CFA candidates are, in fact, strongly encouraged to join CFA Society Ottawa as soon as possible to take full advantage of the events, job postings and networking opportunities.

Do I need to be sponsored to join CFA Society Ottawa?
Yes. To join CFA Society Ottawa, it is necessary to be sponsored as follows:

We require three professional references unless you have a reference from a regular member of the society to which you are applying. In that case, two professional references are required. We prefer references from your supervisor(s). You may not serve as a reference for your own application.

When selecting your references, please note that they are required to comment on your work experience and professional character. Select individuals who can describe and attest to your responsibilities in the investment decision-making process (as defined by our work experience guidelines). You will send instructions to your references as part of your application.

The supervisor requirement is waived if the applicant is the principal of the firm, a student, retired, self-employed, unemployed, or if providing a supervisor sponsor places the applicant in a difficult professional position.

Nobody in my company is a CFA charterholder. How do I get someone to sponsor me?

It is not uncommon for potential members in the Ottawa area to work at companies that do not employ other CFA charterholders. This should not create a problem to finding potential sponsors. In this case, simply attend some of the CFA Society Ottawa functions and talk to various members to find suitable sponsors.

How much does it cost to join CFA Society Ottawa?
Membership dues for CFA Society Ottawa are US$75 per year in addition to CFA Institute dues of US$275 per year.

Where do I apply to join CFA Society Ottawa?
You may apply for membership or to change your status on the CFA Institute website.