Inspiring Journeys

Legacy Video Series: Inspiring Journeys

The Inspiring Journeys Legacy Video Series was launched in 2020. The idea for this video series was conceived as a message of hope that business cycles are part of our legacy. This particular series showcases some of the business groups which have survived business cycles to emerge stronger. At the same time, many innovative business ideas are borne in disruptive times as well. 

The distinguished personalities interviewed include the following and are top employers of CFA Charterholders as well:

  • Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba - Group CEO, Yunus Brothers Group
  • Mr. Hussain Dawood - Chairman, Dawood Hercules Group
  • Mr. Syed Babar Ali – Founder, Packages Limited
  • Mr. Musadaq Zulqarnain – Chairman & CEO, Interloop Holdings
  • Ms. Zeelaf Munir - Managing Director & CEO, English Biscuits Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd.

The entrepreneurs talked about their group’s journey, their survival through economic cycles and growth stories and also shared their valuable advice for budding entrepreneurs and CFA Charterholders in Pakistan. 

The series was paused due to social distancing restrictions imposed by Covid-19 Pandemic, and was resumed in 2022. 

Dr. Zeelaf Munir

Dr. Zeelaf Munir, Managing Director and CEO, English Biscuits Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd talks about her journey and growth story through the economic ups and downs over time and shares her valuable advice for young professionals and CFA Charterholders in Pakistan. 

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