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Professional Development Webinar:  Overcoming Objections

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Sponsored by the CFAP Women's Advisory Committee

Many people think negatively about objections, but that's missing the big picture. If a person raises an objection, that's not necessarily a bad thing. At the very least, the person is interested enough to engage in conversation with you, instead of politely smiling and saying, "No thanks."  
Actually, the fact that someone is bringing up a concern means that you have a chance to find an answer for them.

Overcoming objection is a necessary business skill that we all must possess.  Our presenter, Rebecca Okamoto, will show you how to improve your ability to professionally and tactfully overcome objections from colleagues, supervisors and prospective clients.

Rebecca is the founder and editor of, a virtual mentor for career insights and leadership development. Shebelieves that in every person there is hidden and unrealized potential waiting to be tapped.

Rebecca is a former P&G supply chain executive who led organizations across North America, Latin America and Asia. She spanned multiple industries like Beauty, Snacks, and Paper, and participated on the leadership teams from small acquisitions to billion dollar brands. She also developed corporate programs for retaining talent and reversing attrition.

Today Rebecca is the Principal of REO Consulting, and specializes in developing supply chain solutions that drive top and bottom line results. In addition to writing and editing for, Rebecca is a speaker and popular mentor, and a member of the Northern California chapter of the Network for Executive Women.

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Rebecca Okamoto

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Society; Career; Educational

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Leadership, Management, and Communication Skills

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5/11/2018 12:00 PM

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5/11/2018 1:00 PM

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