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 Financial Literacy

Gene Natali, Jr., Committee Chair

[email protected]   ​

  • Expand the number of colleges in the area that have incorporated The Missing Semester and who are applying the ideas within the book to their own personal financial future.
  • Create and provide a "certificate of accomplishment" to college students that complete the creation of personal financial plans and meet a minimum standard.
  • Review the top ten financial plans and the society reviews and awards the top teams with a monetary prize.
  • Review and provide feedback on the Collegiate personal financial plans (similar to college-to-high school feedback from the JA Money 101 program)
  • Assist in the development of a survey to test knowledge gain
  • Analyze results of pre- and post-tests will be administered to measure knowledge gained.
  • Recruit members participating in this project through the financial literacy committee.
  • Increase awareness with high schools and universities and media of the CFA Program and other educational offerings, of the society, and of CFA Institute.
  • Assist in the creation of standardized powerpoints for presentations.  

Committee Members:

Josh Armstrong
Shawna Aufman
Philip Bartels
Tom Cochenour
Eric Fencil
Drew Haley
Eric Harlovic
Barb Happel
Kendall Hill
Dave Immonen, Sub-Committee Co-Chair (High School Outreach)
Zac Klensch
Ryan Lennie
Eric LeTendre
Mark Luttringer
Alex Meleis
Susan Middleton, Sub-Committee Co-Chair (Collegiate Financial Plan Competition)
Dina Muth, Sub-Committee Co-Chair (Collegiate Seminars)
Reed Natali, Sub-Committee Co-Chair (High School Outreach)
Shane Nickolich, Sub-Committee Co-Chair (Collegiate Seminars)
David Nist
Erik Olson
Bret Price
JM Ruscetti
Brian Seelinger
Brian Taylor
​Al Trezza, Sub-Committee Co-Chair (Collegiate Financial Plan Competition)
Eric Velasco
Darren Wilson, Sub-Committee Co-Chair (Collegiate Financial Plan Competition)
Jing Xie
Hengruo Zhag
Haoyu Zhou​

Student Members:

Jason Pettner, Penn State Behrend

Evan Turman, University of Pittsburgh

Ben Lowery, Penn State Behrend

John McDermitt, Penn State Behrend

Bryce Livingston, Allegheny College

Vily Kolesnichenko, Penn State Behrend

Tim O’Brien, Grove City College

Sarah Macchione, LaRoche College

 University Outreach


Chairman: Lisa Brignoni


    •        Secure speakers for all events
    •        Use Speaker's Bureau (CFA Institute) if applicable
    •        Partnering with other organizations

Volunteer Name

Corey Brahm

Tunwei Shen





Chairman: Brad Jones

[email protected]

Distribute CFA Institute pins and thank you letter

Follow-up on those who have not renewed

  • Conduct volunteer outreach
  • Survey members on event topics, time, location?
  • Recruit volunteers to help with larger events (conferences, dinners, etc.)
  • Launch student membership program

​Volunteer Name

Tunivei Shen




Chairman: George Emanuele

[email protected]

​• Identify sponsors for special event dinners/lunches

 Identify sponsors for charter event/annual meeting

 Identify sponsors for Investment Research Challenge

 Identify sponsors for luncheons

 Identify sponsors for Growth Partnership Money 101

Volunteer Name

Alex Wittig

Corey Brahm

Junwei Shen

Aaron Pelchar

Brian Werner

David Rathe

Matt Austerberry

Jiayi Liu




Chairman:  Joe Lantz

[email protected] 

Quarterly Newsletter (Chris Wiles)

Newspaper/promotional ads (New member ads in local publications)

 Press Releases

 Use social media (Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, Analyst Forum)

 Website Updates

 Post-event surveys

 Engage other “crowds” (CPAs, Private Wealth, Equity, Regulators, Academicians)

Webcast/Livestream events

 Media directory (Ryan)

Volunteer Name

Joe Dressel

Tunwei Shen

Nick Lewandowski

Jamal Tayab

Ather Bajwa

Brian Werner