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​​​​​​​​​​Financial Literacy Committee

Gene Natali, Jr., Committee Chair

[email protected]​   ​

  • Expand the number of colleges in the area that have incorporated The Missing Semester and who are applying the ideas within the book to their own personal financial future.
  • Create and provide a "certificate of accomplishment" to college students that complete the creation of personal financial plans and meet a minimum standard.
  • Review the top ten financial plans and the society reviews and awards the top teams with a monetary prize.
  • Review and provide feedback on the Collegiate personal financial plans (similar to college-to-high school feedback from the JA Money 101 program)
  • Assist in the development of a survey to test knowledge gain
  • Analyze results of pre- and post-tests will be administered to measure knowledge gained.
  • Recruit members participating in this project through the financial literacy committee.
  • Increase awareness with high schools and universities and media of the CFA Program and other educational offerings, of the society, and of CFA Institute.
  • Assist in the creation of standardized powerpoints for presentations.  

Committee Members

Gene Natali  (Committee Chair)

Al Trezza  (Collegiate Financial Plan Co-Chair)

Susan Middleton  (Collegiate Financial Plan Co-Chair)

Darren Wilson  (Collegiate Financial Plan Co-Chair)

Eric Harlovic  (High School Outreach Co-Chair)

Reed Natali  (High School Outreach Co-Chair)

Brian Seelinger (Erie Outreach Chair)

Student Members

Josh Bechtold, Penn State Behrend  (Co-Chair student membership)

Josh Kirkpatrick, Penn State Behrend (Co-Chair student membership)


​Thank you to our Partners



University of Pittsburgh Joseph M. Katz School of Business 


Penn State Berhend Black School of Business 


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