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​​​​​​​​CFA Cand​idates​

​All the process related with the CFA exams is managed directly by the CFA Institute. As such, the most expeditious way of getting all the relevant information is to visit the CFA Institute website directly.​

Whenever necessary, you can also contact the CFA Institute directly through e-mail or phone. 
The relevant contacts are available on the abovementioned website.

Notwithstanding, we exhibit below some helpful links:

We hope you consider this set of information valuable and are willing to help candidates to the extent of our possibilities. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you consider relevant, in particular if you want to learn more about our members’ past experience in obtaining the CFA Charter.

CFA Society Portugal wishes you the best luck for the CFA exams and expects to have you as a member soon.

All initiatives concerning candidates will be published in this area of the website. 

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