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CFA Society Los Angeles: The Double Bottom Line



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8/11/2021 3:00 PM

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8/11/2021 4:30 PM

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2021 marked a turning point in many US government policies including the rejoining of the Paris Climate Accord, the introduction of the largest ever infrastructure spending plan, and the historic mobilization of public and private epidemiological resources for the Covid -19 vaccine. Yet, the world still offers many opportunities where ESG focused and Impact investing may generate measureable positive change alongside a financial return.

This symposium will feature a lively discussion of ESG and Impact alternative investments and address this fast growing investment markets in renewable energy, social finance, affordable consumer services, healthcare and etc. The panel of industry experts will hone in on the following topics:
  • How do we define Impact and ESG? How is it different than an ESG mutual fund?
  • Below-Market to Market-Rate returns? Has the market gone from simple grant supporting institutions to full-fledged private equity investments with high rate of IRRs?
  • Outlook for the US’ impact financing activities and the influence of governmental policies
  • Latest market trends for investment vehicles? Private Equity? Debt? Crowd funding?
  • Focus on climate change in investment portfolios
  • Overcoming bias and wealth disparity with impact investing
  • Infrastructure and resource investing
  • Making consumer finance simpler and easier
  • Can we get to the double bottom line? Financial outcomes or social outcomes? Or both?

Zoom Meeting features will enable you to ask questions, and chat with your colleagues in real time during the speaker session, which will be followed by a 30-minute town hall session with small breakout rooms for you to share ideas and thoughts together.

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