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Advanced Excel for Data Analysis

Event Description


(Please apply promo code AFAS2018 for payment of 2 and more modules of the Advance Financial Analysis Series via the registration portal)

Advanced Financial Analysis Serie​s: 

Advanced Excel for Data Analysis (Module 2)

9 October 2018 (Tuesday)

9.00am to 5.00pm

Trainer: Hamilton Lin, CFA

​This workshop module is eligible for 7 ​CE and CPD hours​. 

Course Outline​

This course focuses on how to effectively and efficiently utilize Microsoft Excel for data analysis in the finance industry. A financial analyst will not only use Excel to build financial models, but also to crunch a large data dump, summarize industry statistics or perform due diligence. Learn how to minimize as much manual labor as possible, thereby saving time and performing more detailed analysis quickly.
As you perform your financial analysis, apply commonly-used formulas in new and different ways: uncover often over-looked Excel formulas; streamline number crunching and analysis via functions and tools including pivot tables to summarize and dissect large amounts of data; enhance your usage of pivot tables with calculated fields and calculated items; truly advance yourself in finance with Excel by learning how and when to apply powerful array functions to simplify complex calculations and logic functions; perform one-dimension and two-dimensional sensitivity analyses using data tables to sensitize your financial analysis; utilize and automate vlookup function to its fullest to streamline tedious lookup jobs; transform your Excel analysis into a dynamic financial model with “switches alternatives” (if, choose, offset); comprehend and appreciate how to transpose a block of data dynamically with auto-updating instead of pasting as values; enhance your finance spreadsheets with drop-down boxes, learn data validation techniques to dummy proof your financial model, utilize and enhance automation of alternate row shading into more complex conditional formatting tools for your financial analysis.
The goals of this course are three-fold: (1) if you can think of it, it can be done; and (2) whatever you are currently doing in finance with Excel can be executed more efficiently; and (3) if you have to do something more than once, automate, automate, automate! Take your finance and Excel skills to the next level – this class guarantees to make you 50% – 90% more efficient and productive in Excel, if not more.

Specific Modules Includes

  • ​Learn the most useful and overlooked Excel shortcuts to make life in finance easier!
  • Learn different ways to make your finance analysis dynamic instead of just a flat analysis
  • Data integrity techniques: understand how your financial analysis and Excel implodes when you do not maintain integrity of your raw data
  • Learn different “switches alternatives” to enhance finance sensitivity analyses
  • Understand why IF statements are the second root of all evil in Excel and why they should be avoided at all costs  in order to maintain proper best practices in your finance models
  • Utilize the vlookup function to its fullest to streamline tedious lookup jobs while understanding the limitations of vlookup
  • Understand why OFFSET(MATCH) is vastly superior to vlookup and why we discourage use of INDEX function in your finance number crunching
  • Pivot Tables: Everybody’s heard of it but who knows how to use it! Learn how to summarize and dissect large amounts of financial data for analysis!
  • Pivot Tables on steroids -- add custom calculated fields to automate financial analyses
  • Utilize sumif(s), sum+if and ARAY functions to simplify complex financial calculations
  • Automate your finance modeling output with alternate row shading in a table of data and automate certain analysis using complex conditional formatting
  • Add some spice to your finance models using drop-boxes and add further dummy-proofing


Intermediate proficiency using Excel and a solid grasp of basic accounting fundamentals and the integration of financial statements are required​

Important Note:

To maximize the educational value of this program, we strongly recommend that you have an intermediate understanding of Excel. Lack of basic Excel skills will impede your ability to effectively acquire and implement the techniques and shortcuts that are presented in this program.​

Bring your PC laptop with a working USB slot and Microsoft Excel installed. Macs may not be as effective

Course fee :

CFA Society Singapore member :

S$880* per module (Early bird fee)

S$1,080* per module (Standard fee)

Non-member :

S$1,080* per module (Early bird fee)

S$1,280* per module (Standard fee)

*Price subject to 7%  GST

*10% off for signup of 2 or more modules per delegate​

* Early bird fee valid till   8 September 2018

(​Course fee includes : Course materials, lunch & refreshments​)

Requirement: Bring own PC Laptop for the workshop

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Society; Educational

Education Topic

Financial Statement Analysis

Start Time

10/9/2018 9:00

End Time

10/9/2018 17:00





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Asia Pacific

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Hamilton Lin, CFA

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Member Price

S$880 (early bird fee) / $1080 (Standard fee) per module *Subject to 7% GST

Non-Member Price

S$1080 (early bird fee) / $1280 (Standard fee) per module *Subject to 7% GST

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9 October 2018



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