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Business Finance Mandarin Workshop (Intermediate) by Henry Wang Xin Bin

Event Description

Business Finance Mandarin Workshop (Intermediate)​

Analysis of Financial Reports in Mandarin Key Terminologies in Financial Statements, How to detect frauds and window dressing

11 & 12 April 2019

Trainer : Mr. Henry Wang Xin Bin


This workshop aims to equip learners with comprehensive terminologies and analytical skills in Chinese Financial Statements. Business reports and news articles will also be incorporated to include realistic examples from work.

Mr. Henry Wang is bilingual in English and Chinese with real-time business knowledge. The activities are designed to be learner-centered and will incorporate real life work scenarios. ​

This program is specially designed for learners working in the Banking and Finance sector who are able to speak basic conversational Chinese, but are not proficient in communicating in professional Mandarin for business purposes and eager to master the capacity to analysis Chinese Financial Reports directly instead of relying primarily on translation.

Who should attend ?

Senior management/professionals frequently exposed to Chinese Financial Reports, including, but may not be limited to, the following :

  • Fund Managers                                                            
  • CFO, Financial Controller, Finance Director and other senior Finance/Accounting professionals
  • Audit Committee Members                                                           
  • Equity/Fixed Income/Alternative Investment Analysts,
  • Government regulators                       
  • Investment/corporate bankers
  • Consultants and Advisors
  • Private Equity/Venture capital Practitioners


  • Understand comprehensive terminologies
  • Learn how to analysis Chinese Financial Reports sharply and critically
  • Learn how to read the business reports and news articles
  • Understand the macro trend of the transformation of Chinese economy and its implications for Singapore and beyond.


  • Class size is limited to not more than 12 person
  • Candidates get to practice financial mandarin with real scenario
  • Candidate needs to pass the Chinese quiz for the intermediate module.

Course Outline :

Day One

- Composition of Financial Report and their intricate relationships / 财务报告的构成与内在联系综述

- How to apply fundamental analysis method (trend, ratio, factors analysis) / 财务分析基本方法(趋势分析法,比率分析法,因素分析法等)的运用

- How to apply fundamental analysis method (trend, ratio, factors analysis) / 财务分析基本方法(趋势分析法,比率分析法,因素分析法等)的运用

- Financial Statement Analysis Test / 财务分析练习测验

- Test Review / 总结回顾财务分析测验

- Q & A / 问答时间

Day Two

- Brief Introduction of Related Party Transactions / 关联交易概述

- Detailed Analysis of Related Party Transactions: Characteristic, Type, Purpose, Common tactic and Regulations etc. / 上市公司关联交易分析:特征、类型、目的、常用手法、监管规定等

- Analysis of Changes in Accounting Policies (Profit “window dressing”) / 变更会计政策(利润包装)的行为与动机分析

- How to identify “Red Flags” in “Decoration” of Financial Statements / 会计报表的粉饰与识别

- Analysis of Common methods of accounting fraud / 会计造假常用手法分析

- Comprehensive and Holistic Analysis of listed company’s Annual Report / 上市公司年报解读重点 

- Brief review on global regulatory scheme on Accounting and Auditing Industry / 会计与审计全球监管模式探讨

This workshop is eligible for 14 CE credit hours. 

 Course Fee:

CFA Singapore member price : S$1,200* (Early Bird fee) / S$1,400* (Standard fee)

Non-member price : S$1,400* (Early Bird fee) / S$1,600* (Standard fee)

Early bird fee valid till 12 March 2019

* Prices before 7% GST

* 10% off Group Discount available​

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Society; Educational

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4/11/2019 9:00

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4/11/2019 17:00





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Asia Pacific

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Mr. Henry Wang Xin Bin, CFA

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Member Price

S$1,200* (Early Bird fee) / S$1,400* (Standard fee)

Non-Member Price

S$1,400* (Early Bird fee) / S$1,600* (Standard fee)

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Please email for more details.

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