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​​Membership Committee​​​​​​

Jan M. Richards, CFA 
Suprita Vohra, CFA

The CFA Singapore Membership Committee aims to raise the Participation, Visibility and Relevance of various society initiatives for the CFA Singapore membership base.

Mission / Objectives
​To further the mission and vision of CFA Singapore with respect to:

1.      Participation: Increasing the engagement from both:

a.      CFA Singapore members (with an increased focus on women charter holders) as well as

b.      CFAs in Singapore who are not currently CFAS members;

2.       Visibility: Provide a platform for :

a.       Dedicated employer CFA groups to enhance visibility of CFA within member organizations

b.      Showcase successful & inspirational CFA members, through enabling their participation in speaker events and panel discussions;

c.       Branding & promoting the various CFAS initiatives to raise awareness of the great work being done by various workstreams

3.       Relevance: Oversee the programs & initiatives to ensure:

a.       Inclusion of relevant themes across youth, gender and industry.

b.      Collaboration where appropriate with other professional bodies in Singapore.

c.       Dedicated special interest groups to have CFA members within a certain discipline engage with each other, and

d.      Appropriate mentoring programs for our members

Scope & Processes
To achieve the above objectives, we will: 
  1. Oversee the annual membership satisfaction survey and implement key takeaways to better serve the CFAS community
  2. Identify CFA charter holders in Singapore who are not CFAS members and devise a strategy to attract them.
  3. Organize an annual ceremony to initiate new charterholders 
  4. Create an opportunity for senior members interested in participating on local Boards, committees, or charities for the benefit of society and community.
  5. To review all policy issues relating to membership, and to ensure that member data is used for appropriate purposes only
  6. Report to the CFA Singapore Board through quarterly updates and be responsible to the Board for its activities.

correct as of 14 September 2015