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The CFA Society Singapore mentorship programme runs for ten months and provides an opportunity for young charterholders to meet with and tap into the knowledge and experience of senior members of the society. 

During this programme, mentees and mentors will have the opportunity to attend info sessions, engage in speed dating sessions to find a suitable match, and participate in events to hone their interpersonal and leadership skills. The heart of the programme entails both parties meeting voluntarily once a month over a period of six months to discuss the potential career development pathways that a younger member may consider adopting.

At CFA Society Singapore, our Mentorship Programme pairs youthful energy with the wisdom of experience, building mutually  rewarding relationships.

The CFA Society Singapore introduces the programme via an Info session. Those keen to participate will need to attend one of the sessions.

Highlights of the Info Session include sharing of experience by mentors and mentees from previous years' Mentorship Programme. 

Hear it from their perspectives, and take this opportunity to ask them questions during the Q&A session.

The closing of the programme is targeted for December 2020, where mentors and mentees are invited to celebrate, network, and share their experiences.  Please join us for this rewarding experience.


Why be a Mentor?

  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Satisfaction of giving back to the investment community​
  • Opportunity to work with next generation leaders
  • Network with other mentors
  • Opportunity to attend a number of coaching and leadership skills workshops, as well as soft skills workshops organised for the mentees

​Mentor Requirements :

  • Fully paid up member of the CFA Society Singapore
  • Work in the investment, banking and/or financial services sector
  • CFA charterholder with at least 10 years of working experience
  • Have a passion for supporting and giving back to the younger members of the society
  • Have some experience as a Mentor but not essential (we will provide some guidance)​


Why be a Mentee?
  • Opportunity to actively engage with senior investment professionals
  • Opportunity to learn from seasoned industry professionals
  • Experienced sounding board on career and personal development
  • Receive constructive feedback​ to develop professionally
  • Improve professional performance and working relationships
  • Networking opportunities with other mentors and mentees

Mentee Requirements :
  • Fully paid up members of CFA Society Singapore (Regular / Associate member)
  • At least 3 years full-time work experience in the investment, banking and/or financial  sector​
  • Have an open mind, be willing to be challenged and interested in personal and professional development 
  • Eager to learn and share knowledge with others in the same  industry.​

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 Upcoming Events

​4 / 12 May 2020
​Speed Dating Sessions
​6 May 2020
​​Mentoring Skills Workshop 2
​21 July 2020
​Workshop for Mentees

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