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 “Save and Invest Portfolio Series” with Lianhe Zaobao

《联合早报》"步步为盈" 栏目
SGX, CFA Society Singapore and MoneySENSE jointly launch the "Save and Invest Portfolio Series" with Lianhe Zaobao
Singapore Exchange (SGX) is partnering CFA Society Singapore and MoneySENSE to launch the year-long "Save and Invest Portfolio Series" with Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, in a move to encourage Chinese-language readers to save and invest for the future. This follows the success of The Sunday Times Invest section's "Save and Invest Portfolio Series" that has been running for the past two years. 

The monthly Save and Invest Portfolio Series named "步步为盈" will be featured in Lianhe Zaobao's weekly financial planning column on every second Sunday of the month, starting from 8 October 2017. The series will feature simulated savings and investment portfolios of a young working adult, a married individual with a young child and a retiree - three Singaporean individuals each at different life stages. ​

 Save and Invest Portfolio Series


In collaboration with CFA Society Singapore and MoneySENSE, "Save and Invest Portfolio Series" is a monthly column on The Sunday Times, featuring simulated savings and investment portfolios of three Singaporean individuals and families at different life stages.

The objective is to provide retail investors with simulated examples of basic investment and portfolio building techniques, in accordance with specific investment goals and risk tolerance. The featured portfolios will also introduce different types of investment instruments and products available to retail investors, including relatively new ones such as the Singapore Savings Bonds. The three simulated portfolios will be tracked over one year and will be guided by a panel of four CFA Society Singapore volunteers who are CFA charterholders and collectively have 77 years' experience as investment professionals.

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