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Nominations for Election as a Director of CFA Society South Africa

Our Board of Directors are seeking nominations for the election of non-executive directors in accordance with the Society's Memorandum of Incorporation, as well as other applicable regulations and policies of the Society and CFA Institute. 

CFA Regular Members in good standing are invited to nominate CFA Regular Members in good standing who would be suitable for the role. (Self-nominations are permitted).

Nominations must have the consent of the nominee and seconded by two members (in the case of self-nominations) or one additional member (in the case of nomination by a member).

Documents Required for submission:

  • Nominee curriculum vitae
  • Nomination Form.docx
  • Nominee Declaration.docx

    Details of the role and requirements - View Nomination Criteria here.pdf

    Process & Timeline:
    The Society has a Nomination Committee. The role of the Nomination Committee is to establish and implement a formal process for the appointment of directors.
    The Nomination Committee will assess the skills and diversity requirements of the Board, and on receipt of valid nominations will prepare a recommended short-list of candidates for consideration by the Board.
    Nominees for election as directors of the Society must meet minimum eligibility criteria as determined by the Board from time to time.

    Preference will be given to candidates who are active volunteers of the Society within the SADC community.

    Deadline for submissions is COB 15 June 2021, please send all submissions to
Final date for nomination submissions17:00 15 June 2021
Consideration of nominees by nomination committee, interviews & reference checks.17 June to 16 July 2021
Selection of nominee by the Board28 July 2021
Notification to nominees29 July 2021
Board orientationTBA (23 August to 27 August 2021)
Commencement of term (subject to final approval at annual member meeting)01 September 2021
Board meeting29 September 2021
Annual member meeting and approval of director nomination by members.TBA (November 2021)