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 CFA Society South Africa Functions

* Market identification
* Communication with potential members
* Growth of membership

Administration & Governance 
* Database management
* Website construction, maintenance & administration
* Financial management & reporting
* Board administration (meeting coordination, minutes, secretarial)
* Member communications

Public Relations 
* Community interaction (professionals, press & regulators)


* CFA Programme
* Continuing Education
* Educational Events (seminars & meetings)

Event Coordination 
* Educational events
* Charter award function
* Annual dinner
* CFA Institute organisation
* Other events

Social Impact 
* Bursary schemes
* Corporate Social Investment (grants, outreach and education)

* Policy Formulation
* Regulatory review and comment
* Engage in public policy (editorials/articles)

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) 
* Support acceptance and implementation of GIPS in South Africa

Inter-Society Relations (Global) 
* Financial: Billing and collections, utilisation of grant funds
* CFA member database efficacy and management
* CFA Institute member relations (problem solving, guidance to CFA Institute )
* CFA South Africa Events: CFA grading, Society Leadership 

Global Board
* CFA International  visits to SA
* Inter-Society dialogue (contacts, visits)

Inter-Society Relations (Domestic) 
* Coordinate efforts with IAS and other South African societies toward achieving common goals