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Latest News:

Important FAIS CPD exemption notification

Please see below statement issued by the FSCA as it relates to FAIS CPD activities required for South African regulatory purposes. 

FSCA FAIS Notice 35 of 2019.pdf    

Explanatory Note.pdf

CFA Society South Africa is delighted to announce the recent CPD exemption that applies to, amongst others, CFA charterholders

The exemption allows for any CFA Institute PL (Professional Learning) verifiable activity as “extended CPD activities” provided that it is:

  • Relevant to functions and role of the CFA charterholder
  • Contributes to the skill, knowledge and expertise
  • Address identified gaps in technical and generic knowledge and
  • Adequately takes into account changing internal and external conditions relevant to financial services and financial products

Proof of your CFA Institute membership and completion of such “extended CPD activities ” can be submitted for verifiable CPD hours in terms of FAIS.

Please note: 

CFA Society South Africa does not manage CFA Institute PL credits and therefore cannot assist with loading and recording of PL credits.

Members are required to obtain their own records and certificates for qualifying "extended CPD activities"

Request this by emailing [email protected].

Please note: Self-verified and self-attested CE credits will not count as CPD verifiable credits.

CPD Programme Event Information


CFA Society South Africa is an accredited CPD service provider through the FPI.    

Please note the process for CFA Society South Africa CPD Programme Event.

 Prior to Programme Event

  1. ​Attendees will register through the registration link provided on the Programme Event Invitation.
  2. Attendees will be required to provide their identification number when registering for the Programme Event.


 Day of Programme Event

Registration ​
  1. Attendee will be required to present his/her Identification card/book or driver's license at the Programmed Event Registration.
  2. CFA Society South Africa will cross check against the ID recorded on the attendance register.
  3. Attendees are required to SIGN IN on the attendance register.


 After the Presentation

  1. ​The Attendance register will be available after the event for attendees to SIGN OUT.
  2. CFA Society South Africa will check the attendance register after the event. Attendees that have correctly completed the process will then receive a personalized e-certificate confirming their attendance.
  3. Attendees are then responsible for the submission of the certificate in order to claim credits for their membership.