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About CFA Institute University Affiliation Program

The University Affiliation Program recognizes academic institutions that incorporate at least 70% of the CFA® Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) with emphasis on the CFA Institute 

Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct into their curriculums. Through cooperation with universities around the world, CFA Institute seeks to promote ethics-based investment education in university degree programs aimed at developing investment professionals.

An Affiliated University signals to their students and to employers that their curriculum is closely tied to the practice of investment management and is helpful to students preparing for the CFA® Program exams.

Academic institutions that embed a significant portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK)—including the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct—into their curriculum may be eligible to participate in the University Affiliation Program.

Find out more about this program here.

Affiliated Universities in South Africa:

University of Cape Town

University of the Free State

University of Johannesburg

University of KwaZulu-Natal

University of Pretoria

Stellenbosch University

Why affiliate with CFA Institute?

• Attract students who are already considering the CFA® Program and aspiring to careers in investment management

• Students gain an academic qualification and should be better prepared to sit for the CFA® Program;

• Show direct links to the investment profession and relevance of course content to professional practice;

• Connect with investment professionals in your region via your local Society of practising CFA charterholders;

• Access to practitioner-based research and educational content.


Affiliation is free. Universities apply with at least one degree program that:

  • Covers 70% or more of the CFA® Program content, including CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct content;
  • Incorporates suitable learning materials that adequately cover CFA® Program content;
  • Meets quality requirements for a full teaching program of recognized status.


CFA Institute provides each Affiliated University with the following benefits: 


·         The right to use University Affiliation Program logo on its print and electronic marketing literature;

·         Recognition as an Affiliated University on the CFA Institute website (including a link to the Affiliated University's website);

·         Networking opportunities with local practitioners and other affiliated universities.

CFA Program Resources

·         One complete set (all three levels) of the CFA® Program curriculum, in eBook format, each year;

·         Access to all levels of the CFA® Program sample exams for Degree Program students

CFA Institute Content Access

·         Notices of educational opportunities through CFA Institute Conferences, publications and multimedia;

·         Complimentary online subscriptions to the Financial Analyst Journal and CFA Institute Magazine for all designated Principal Contact

CFA Program Awareness Scholarships

·         Each Affiliated University will be granted with CFA® Program student scholarships. These scholarships are awarded by the Principal Contact to the students whom they choose to receive them.

Apply to the University Affiliation Program
To request an application* and find out more, please email us at [email protected].

*Applications for the University Affiliation Program are considered on a case-by-case basis; meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the program.