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finweek - Collective Insight IIII

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CFA Society South Africa 2018 Conference highlights- Let’s Measure Up In Africa​ -

Conference 2018 Presentations

Ben Hunt- 2018-07-18 Cape Town CFA Investing in the Fake News Age pdf.pdf

Wendy Addison - Silence is NOT Golden July 2018 pdf.pdf

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Panel Discussion - Bonds and Credit - Final Version.pdf​​

Presentations & Other Educational articles

Prof. Javier Estrada Presentation - presentation slides.pdf

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What's Driving Passive Growth in South Africa (video with Nerina Visser, ETFSA) -

Looking for Income Beyond Core (video with Gareth Stobie, CoreShares) -

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What Does Diversification Look Like in Today's Markets? (video with Bernard van Wyk, Analytics Consulting) -

Assessing Single-Stock Rise in South African Indices (blog post) -

finweek - Collective Insight III

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finweek - Collective Insight II

finweek Collective Insight II - Reduce the cost of investing without becoming a bore at parties - Grant Locke - CI_Locke.pdf

finweek Collective Insight II​ - Let’s stop selling insurance and rather help people know when to buy it - Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser - FW_CI Anne.pdf

finweek Collective Insight II - Banks are indispensable,but beware the charges - Shivesh Maharaj - FW_CI Maharaj.pdf

finweek Collective Insight II - Navigating the investment landscape as a beginner - Lerato Mahlangu - fw_CI_Mahlangu.pdf

finweek Collective Insight II - Does low cost equal low value?​ - Mxolisi Siwundla - fw_CI_Siwundla.pdf​​​​

finweek - Collective Insight I

finweek Collective Insight-  Making Investment Count: Transformation: Dionne Kerr - CI_Kerr.pdf

finweek Collective Insight-  Making Investment Count: Rethinking Empowerment-Amanda Khoza - CI_Khoza.pdf

finweek Collective Insight-  Making Investment Count: How to build an inclusive South Africa-Heather Jackson CI_Jackson1.pdfCI_Jackson2.pdf

finweek Collective Insight ArticleCollective Insights article.pdf


Updated - 9 May 2018

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