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Terms of use
The Local Member Directory​​ is comprised of members who agreed to be listed on CFA Society South Florida's website. Use of the directory for other purposes such as mass communications is strictly prohibited. Individuals are also not permitted to harvest, collect, download, create lists, sell or otherwise distribute member contact information. By using the directory, you are agreeing to these terms.​ ​​​​​​
Florida Atlantic University
Recent graduate Master of Science in Finance at Florida Atlantic University
Florida Real Estate Licensee
CFA Level 1 Candidate
Award-winning Television/Print Journalist
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 Listing Instructions

​​​​CFA Institute Account Set-Up Instructions
Local members with NO CFA Institute Affiliation: Please create an account​ in CFA Institute's site using email address you entered to join CFA Society South Florida to set up member area access for this site. Provide [email protected] with email address used to create CFA Institute account. CFA Society South Florida will then work with CFA Institute to activate your access. You will be notified once site's member access is active.

To create and edit your listing: Please log in using same user ID (usually email address) and password you use to log in to CFA Institute's website. 
If you prefer you can complete the directory input form in PDF format and send to [email protected]. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Feel free to use additional pages if needed. You will be notified once your listing is entered in directory.​