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Vice President and Co-Programs Chair
Secretary and Co-Programs Chair
Education Chair
Advocacy Chair
Membership Chair and Past President
Immediate Past President
Public Awareness Chair
Placements Chair and Past President
Society Executive Director and Past President
Society Relations Manager

 Society Leader?

​​​Please email a completed application to [email protected] if interested in serving as a director for CFA Society South Florida's board. ​Only regular and regular retired members are eligible. ​Members with past volunteer service preferred.​​

 Past Presidents

Clement L. Hofmann 1972-1973
William W. Upton   1973-1974
Robert E. Busbey   1974-1975
H. Kent Mergler, CFA 1975-1976
Thor W. Bruce    1976-1977
Thomas L. Hansberger, CFA   1977-1978
Arnold M. Ganz   1978-1979
Godfrey M. Birckhead    1979-1980
Speros G. Drelles, CFA    1980-1981
Patricia L. Jay    1981-1982
Dennis H. Ferro, CFA    1982-1983
M. Eileen McCarthy    1983-1984
Peter V. Van Beuren    1984-1985
Jay L. Owen   1985-1986
John R. George, CFA    1986-1987
Ralph E. Macey, CFA    1987-1988
W. David Dary, CFA    1988-1989
James R. Grinney, CFA    1989-1990
Robert D. Harvey, CFA   1990-1991
Susan G. Joyalle    1991-1992
Philip J. Keating, CFA    1992-1993
Michael J. Crowley, CFA    1993-1994
Barbara J. Trebbi, CFA    1994-1995
Leslie A. Ferris    1995-1996
Karina Fabi, CFA    1996-1997
Sutton Michael S., CFA    1997-1998
Ramona C. Zapper    1998-1999
Ramona C. Zapper    1999-2000
William G. Welch II    2000-2001
Bryan E. Dooley, CFA    2001-2002
Joel T. Harper, CFA    2002-2003
Anthony Lourido, CFA    2003-2004
Anthony Lourido, CFA 2004-2005
Gerard J. Lachnicht, CFA 2005-2006
Philip J. Keating, CFA 2006-2007
Philip J. Keating, CFA 2007-2008
Anthony Lourido, CFA 2008-2009
Gregory Reynolds, CFA 2009-2010
Gregory Reynolds, CFA 2010-2011
James B. Murphy III, CFA 2011-2012
Terry Weissberg, CFA 2012-2013
John Rice, CFA 2013-2014
Raymond Galkowski, CFA 2014-2015​
​Ursula S. Auger, CF​A​2015-2016
Ursula S. Auger, CFA​​2016-2017
​Christina L. Worley, CFA​2017-2018
Christina L. Worley​, CFA​2018-2019
Tisha L. Turner, CFA
​Tisha L. Turner, CFA