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Vice President and Co-Programs Chair
Education Chair
Advocacy Chair
Co-Programs Chair
Membership Chair
Public Awareness Chair
Placements Chair and Past President
Society Executive Director and Past President
Society Relations Manager

 Society Leader?

​​​Please email a completed application to [email protected] if interested in serving as a director for CFA Society South Florida's board. ​Only regular and regular retired members are eligible. ​Members with past volunteer service preferred.​​

 Past Presidents

Clement L. Hofmann 1972-1973
William W. Upton   1973-1974
Robert E. Busbey   1974-1975
H. Kent Mergler, CFA 1975-1976
Thor W. Bruce    1976-1977
Thomas L. Hansberger, CFA   1977-1978
Arnold M. Ganz   1978-1979
Godfrey M. Birckhead    1979-1980
Speros G. Drelles, CFA    1980-1981
Patricia L. Jay    1981-1982
Dennis H. Ferro, CFA    1982-1983
M. Eileen McCarthy    1983-1984
Peter V. Van Beuren    1984-1985
Jay L. Owen   1985-1986
John R. George, CFA    1986-1987
Ralph E. Macey, CFA    1987-1988
W. David Dary, CFA    1988-1989
James R. Grinney, CFA    1989-1990
Robert D. Harvey, CFA   1990-1991
Susan G. Joyalle    1991-1992
Philip J. Keating, CFA    1992-1993
Michael J. Crowley, CFA    1993-1994
Barbara J. Trebbi, CFA    1994-1995
Leslie A. Ferris    1995-1996
Karina Fabi, CFA    1996-1997
Sutton Michael S., CFA    1997-1998
Ramona C. Zapper    1998-1999
Ramona C. Zapper    1999-2000
William G. Welch II    2000-2001
Bryan E. Dooley, CFA    2001-2002
Joel T. Harper, CFA    2002-2003
Anthony Lourido, CFA    2003-2004
Anthony Lourido, CFA 2004-2005
Gerard J. Lachnicht, CFA 2005-2006
Philip J. Keating, CFA 2006-2007
Philip J. Keating, CFA 2007-2008
Anthony Lourido, CFA 2008-2009
Gregory Reynolds, CFA 2009-2010
Gregory Reynolds, CFA 2010-2011
James B. Murphy III, CFA 2011-2012
Terry Weissberg, CFA 2012-2013
John Rice, CFA 2013-2014
Raymond Galkowski, CFA 2014-2015​
​Ursula S. Auger, CF​A​2015-2016
Ursula S. Auger, CFA​​2016-2017
​Christina L. Worley, CFA​2017-2018
Christina L. Worley​, CFA​2018-2019
Tisha L. Turner, CFA
​Tisha L. Turner, CFA