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 Mentor Program

CFA Society South Florida's mentor program is an all-volunteer program that pairs up newer stage career professionals with more seasoned individuals to help facilitate a better career experience for both the mentee and mentor. You do not have to be a seasoned veteran to be a mentor and you do not have to be a recent graduate to be a mentee. This program offers great potential to make a very significant positive impact on others in our profession.

This program affords CFA candidates and recent charterholders the opportunity to be paired with more senior members of the local investment community. The program is designed to help members network and exchange ideas between more seasoned members and the next generation of financial professionals. We have secured a number of new mentors in both Palm Beach and Broward Counties who are available to spend time both face to face and via telephone with mentees. 

This program is not meant to be an interview platform, but instead an opportunity for mentors to impart wisdom on mentees who are curious about different aspects of the investment business or are looking to transition from one area to another. Mentors will also facilitate introductions to other members for mentees, help with career decisions and provide general insight into the industry. 

Mentees are expected to be proactive participants in meetings realizing that having a mentor is a privilege and their time should be respected. Exact meeting locations and schedules will be determined by the parties, but we would suggest lunch or coffee and if practical, mentors can invite mentees to company events or industry gatherings (CFA-sponsored or otherwise). 

This program is offered free of cost to CFA Society South Florida members in good standing. Should you be interested in learning more please email for more information.

Please log in with same user ID (usually email address) and password used to log in to CFA Institute's site to chat with other mentors and mentees, request a mentor​​ or sign up to mentor.

Local members with NO CFA Institute Affiliation: Please create an account​ in CFA Institute's site using email address you entered to join CFA Society South Florida to set up member area access for this site. Provide with email address used to create CFA Institute account. CFA Society South Florida will then work with CFA Institute to activate your access. You will be notified once site's member access is active.

Mentor and mentee forums and forms are available to CFA Society South Florida members only.​​



Mentees: Request a Mentor​​​​​​​

 Participant Expectations

The mentor program is another way we bring value to your membership in CFA Society South Florida.  We look forward to your participation in this program!

Expectations of Mentors:

  • Hold conversations in confidence.
  • Be willing to dedicate a minimum of one hour per month with the first meeting conducted face-to-face.
  • Commit to a year term.  Sometimes it takes more than a meeting or two to build trust and rapport.
  • Have the desire, ability, and openness to support and guide a mentee.
  • Be an active and willing listener.
  • Challenge yourself and mentee.
  • Be open to sharing thoughts, experiences, mistakes, and learning experiences throughout career.
  • Do not use the program as a recruiting tool.

Mentor Thought Starters for Meeting Preparation:

  • What specific objectives do you want to achieve during the course of the mentoring relationship?
  • What are the mentee's career goals (3-5 years), performance objectives, strengths, weaknesses, and background?
  • How can you assist a mentee with their career goals and help take them to the next level?
  • Identify 2-3 topics the mentee would like to work on with you over the relationship.
  • Identify solutions/ tasks that the mentee might do differently for success.
  • You can help a mentee work on both short-term intra-company success goals and long-term career management goals.

Expectations of Mentees:

  • Hold conversations in confidence.
  • Commit to a minimum of one hour each month for this relationship and respect the mentor's time.
  • Commit to a calendar year term for this relationship.
  • Be prepared for each meeting - Review notes and take actions between meetings.
  • Recognize that mentoring is a valuable tool for development and growth.
  • Have a desire to be challenged professionally.
  • Be open to receiving feedback, help, and guidance.
  • Be open to trying what the mentor has suggested.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Be willing to share mistakes and failures as well as successes with mentor.
  • Do not use this as a job search opportunity.

Mentee Thought Starters for Meeting Preparation:

  • What are my goals for this relationship?
  • What areas can a mentor help me with the most?
  • What information do I want to collect from the mentor?
  • What skills do I most want to improve or change?
  • What challenges has the mentor overcome when they were in a similar position?