CFA Societies Texas

 Judging Criteria

The first round of reports are graded based solely on a team's written research report. The judging criteria is below: Texas A&M fought a tough battle against 17 local university winners to take second place in the 2009 Regionals.

  • Investment Summary: max score is 15 points
  • Valuation: max score is 20 points
  • Business Description: max score is 5 points
  • Environmental, Social and Governance: max score 15 points
  • Industry Overview & Competitive Positioning: max score 10 points
  • Financial Analysis: max score 20 points
  • Investment Risks: max score 15 points
  • Total = 100%

All reports are graded on a "blind" basis (i.e. the school name does not appear on the final report).

Based upon these scores, the top ten teams are chosen to compete at the CFA Institute Research Challenge of the Southwest US finals. The finalists will orally present their investment case. Each presentation will consist of 10 minutes of presentation by the students.  For the  followed by 10 minutes of Q&A by our oral panel.

The oral judging criteria is as follows:

  • Financial Analysis: max 20 points
  • Valuation: max 20 points
  • Environmental, Social and Governance: max 10 points
  • Presentation: max 20 points
  • Questions & Answers: max 20 points
  • Team Involvement: max 5 points
  • Materials: max 5 points
  • Total = 100%

The 8 finalists will receive a final score equal to 50% of their written score combined with 50% of their oral score. In the event of a tie, the team with the higher oral score will be declared the winner.

We are very proud and honored to have an esteemed panel of judges. These individuals are all successful leaders who have been instrumental in shaping the Texas investment landscape over many years. Our sincere thanks to these individuals for their continued contributions and support of the Southwest US Research Challenge!