CFA Societies Texas

 2019-2020 Research Challenge Rules

The CFA Institute Research Rules remain similar to prior years and will be distributed to all teams competing. Copies of the rules can be found here.

As a reminder, please review the following:

  • The teams are 3 to 5 individuals, either undergrads or grad students or a combination of both. There is a screening rule regarding eligibility. You cannot have someone who holds a CFA designation (they may have passed exams, but cannot participate if they have been awarded the designation) nor someone who has been participated in a prior CFA Institute Research Challenge.  An individual is not eligible if he/she has been or is employed in a role within the core investment management profession.  This rule has been in place for several years, but a new process of checking resumes has been implemented. A violation will result in the disqualification of the entire team.
  • It is recommended that a 30 minute webcast on Ethics be viewed by team members prior to the competition. Links to various Ethics presentations can be found at CFA Institute's site. Students will need to register at the CFA Institute site in order to compete.
  • Students can review sell-side research; however, no sell-side research can be used within their reports. All work must be original. Students may not speak with sell-side analysts, unless that individual is their mentor. As a reminder, it is preferable that mentors are CFA charterholders and the rules regarding time spent with mentors must be strictly observed.
    Please let Southwest U.S. Research Challenge co-ordinators know if you need help in finding a CFA charterholder to help mentor your team. The name of the Challenge has been changed to: CFA Institute Research Challenge - Southwest U.S.
  • Written reports cannot be changed between the Texas local finals and Regionals.  The slide deck may be changed and updated to be made current.  The ratings, buy, sell, or hold may be changed, but on the slides only.
  • The written reports will be re-graded at Regionals.  Overall scoring at Regionals will consist of 50% of the team's written score plus 50% of their oral presentation score.
  • Regionals will be held in a major city in the Americas region each year.  The two top teams will go on to compete in the Global Competition. 

We will be choosing 8 teams to present at the local challenge at TIPS. The finalists will be announced early in February. 1 team will move on to Regionals.  Airfare and hotel will be paid for by CFA Institute.  In  addition, the 5 local societies will pay a $1000 scholarship toward the CFA exam for each student on the top winning team, who is not otherwise eligible for reimbursement (i.e., their company does not cover the cost or they received an Access Scholarship from CFA Institute).
A few miscellaneous notes: Mentors, Graders, Judges, and Faculty Advisors involved in the Challenge who are CFA charterholders may claim up to 4 CE credits.