CFA Societies Texas

 CFA Institute Research Challenge of the Southwest U.S.

Schedule for 2018 - 20192008 IRC-Texas Winners and Regional finalists: The University of Houston pictured with Men's Wearhouse CFO Neill Davis.

Late September 2018: 

  • Universities/liaison's introduce concept to university participants 

October 2018:

  • Registration will be open at CFA Institute's website.  The link to registration will be sent out to the University Teams.
  • A university contact (the faculty member responsible for the team) submitted to John and/or Sharon
  • Utilize resources available for University Teams on CFA Institute's website

November - December 2018:

  • November 16 - Target Company Announcement
  • December 3 - Official KICK-OFF
  • December 3 - University teams of 3 - 5 selected
  • December 3 - Selected teams should receive the research report template
  • December 17 - University teams must be registered on CFA Institute's website
  • Mentors assigned to teams; please let us know if you would like to have someone assigned 

January 2019:

  • Teams submit questions for management of target company to Coordinators for CFA Institute Research Challenge - Southwest US
  • January 14 - Company management presents to students; this event is the only chance to interact with management.  You may attend in person at Rice University or via the internet
  • Two weeks before written reports are due - Any team member substitutes must register on CFA Institute's Challenge site.  

February 2019:

  • February 4 - Final reports will need to be submitted to CFA Institute Research Challenge - Southwest U.S. Challenge for evaluation by graders by noon.
  • February 12 - the ten (10) finalist teams will be announced by noon.
  • February 23 - Final oral presentations occur at TIPS. TIPS will be held on Saturday, February 23 at a participating university.

April 2019:

  • Regionals (North and South America) in New York City on April 23-24. 
  • Global Finals in New York City on April 25.