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 GIPS® Standards


Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)
The GIPS standards are a set of ethical principles used by investment management firms in order to establish a globally standardized, industry-wide approach to creating performance presentations that communicate investment results to prospective clients. The underlying spirit of the Standards is fair representation and full disclosure. CFA Institute created and administers the
GIPS standards and has partnered with local country sponsors around the world to develop and promote the Standards.

To facilitate and maintain the integrity of the GIPS standards, new performance standards are created as needed by the industry and new procedures and controls are implemented to ensure that the Standards are consistently applied, interpreted, and expanded with broad public comments.

Investment Performance Standards E-Mail Alert
To subscribe to the GIPS bi-monthly e-mail service detailing current events relating to the GIPS standards, please write to
[email protected] and enter “GIPS Email Alert” in the subject heading, with your name in the body of your message.

GIPS Helpdesk
Contact the GIPS Helpdesk for information regarding the GIPS standards. The GIPS Helpdesk addresses technical questions on the application and interpretation of the provisions of the GIPS standards.


GIPS Guidance Statements
Guidance statements provide interpretation, clarification, and guidance on the application of the Standards. Firms must comply with all guidance statements.

GIPS Q&A Database
Find answers to the most frequently asked GIPS-related questions in the GIPS Q&A database.

Read the latest CFA Institute press releases related to the GIPS standards.

Country Sponsors
View a listing of all Country Sponsors of the GIPS standards.

Translations of the GIPS Standards

The GIPS Structure
View the GIPS Organizational Chart and the CFA Institute GIPS Committees to understand the process of the GIPS standards' review.

Other Resources
View the Presentations and Publications released by CFA Institute.