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Beyond the Numbers Session: Self-presentation



Start Time

9/17/2019 19:00

End Time

9/17/2019 21:00


INVERIA Flow Space


​49a Volodymyrska str.

Event Description


Inviting members of CFA Society Ukraine to upgrade your self-presentation skills with one of the best trainers in public speaking.

Soft skills are the most demanded skills for investment professional of the future according CFA Institute. Great self-presentation skills is the most demanded one for a leader and anyone who wants to grow professionally. You use this skill in different situations and almost every day.

  • Public speeches. You need to present yourself for the audience in order to be trusted as an expert.

  • Networking. When you meet new people you tell who you areare you and what you do. If you do it great, they will remember you and recommend you as an expert in your field.

  • Day-to-Day work. Meetings with co-workers or project team members will be effective for you, if you can communicate your messages clearly.

Join us on September 17, 2019 at Inveria Flow Space at 7 p.m. for an intense workshop on self-presentation skills. We invited for you one of the best Ukrainian trainers in public speaking - Oleksandr Zayoma. Together with Oleksandr you will discover lots of great lifehacks for self-presentation which will help you look confidently in any situation. The 2 hour workshop will fly for you, because Oleksandr is well known for the talent to bring energy and sense of humor to such trainings. We are sure you will find this eventevents very useful and inspiring for you!

Unfortunately we have limited seatssits for this workshop. Due to the format of this workshop, only 15 people may visit it. So register ASAP!

Participation is by pre-registration for the event, please email us at


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Participation is by pre-registration for the event, please email us at

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