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 The Gold Standard

Administered by the CFA Institute, the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Program is a graduate-level, self-study curriculum and examination program for investment specialists.

The CFA designation is a mark of distinction that is globally recognized by employers, investment professionals, and investors as the definitive standard – the gold standard – by which to measure serious investment professionals.

Ask a manager at any investment firm what they look for when hiring investment professionals and they’re likely to mention three characteristics: competence, integrity, and passion. These qualities are notoriously difficult to measure, which is why having the letters “CFA” behind your name will provide you with a competitive advantage at every stage of your career.

To earn the CFA charter, you must successfully pass through the CFA Program, a global graduate level self-study program that combines a broad based curriculum with professional conduct requirements to prepare you for a wide range of investment specialties.

The program’s breadth and depth builds a fundamental knowledge of global investment principles that apply in every market all over the world.


Credibility Anchored by a practice-based curriculum, the CFA Program is based on the knowledge identified by professionals as essential to the investment decision-making process in today’s world of professional investing. Because the program’s rigorous curriculum emphasizes principles common to every market, employers and clients recognize that professionals with the CFA designation have a thoroughly global investment perspective and a profound understanding of the global marketplace.

Recognition Investment public and media around the world acclaim the CFA designation as the standard of professional excellence. Many employers stipulate the CFA charter as a requirement for investment-related positions and/or for advancement to more senior positions and are willing to pay a premium to investment professionals who have earned this designation. With such widespread recognition, CFA charterholders earn a significant competitive advantage for international employment.

Networking Historically, only one in five people who enrolls the program completes it. Completion places you in elite company, confirming your mastery of the program’s rigorous curriculum, as well as your commitment to rise to the formidable challenge that the CFA Program represents. More than 82 000 CFA charterholders worldwide have proven they have the knowledge and skills to reach the top of their profession.


Preparation for the CFA examinations is a substantial commitment of time and energy. The CFA Program self-study curriculum allows busy investment professionals to earn the gold standard designation without leaving their current jobs. Most candidates continue in their full-time investment careers while enrolled in the CFA Program, enabling them to keep up with their salary and career opportunities.

Divided into three sequential levels, each culminating in an examination, the CFA Program sets a high standard that only the most committed professionals are able to achieve. The examinations are well known for their rigor, verifying not only your understanding of the curriculum but your ability to synthesize complex investment principles and apply financial instruments in a professional manner.

Because ethical dilemmas surface in all varieties in the investment business, the CFA Program heavily emphasizes the application of ethics in professional practice. More importantly, in a business where personal integrity must never come into question, your association with CFA Institute – as a CFA candidate or as a CFA charterholder – carries with it a requirement to adhere to the investment profession’s most stringent Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

The CFA charter represents a lifetime commitment to ethical behavior, a commitment that helps to create the charter’s recognition and appreciation among clients, employers, and your colleagues in investments.

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