CFA Society Ukraine

A Member of the CFA Institute Global Network of Societies

 History and Prospects of the Society

The effort of establishing CFA Society Ukraine has started in spring 2009 and resulted in the first general conference of potential members in June 2009. The conference was a great success and evidenced strong interest from the Ukrainian investment professionals, top Ukrainian and international employers and industry regulators. As a result, an initiative group of 25 individuals was organized.

The second general conference took place in October 2009 and was attended by over 250 investment professionals and CFA Institute representatives.

In February 2010, CFA Society Ukraine has been accepted into the worldwide network of CFA Institute member societies.

CFA Society Ukraine will continue to expand its membership, deliver on its Mission and key objectives by Committees activities.

Starting from November 2010 CFA Society Ukraine will organize annually Ukrainian Investment Forum where Ukrainian influencial leaders (business, political, science, NGO, regulators, etc.) exchange views on most important issues and shape the development strategy for Ukraine.

 Society Founding Members

Anufriyev Igor
Bochmanov Oleksiy, CFA
Burenko Olga
Galytskyy Dmytro
Glazunov Sergei, CFA
Gostik Andriy, CFA
Greblov Gennadiy, CFA
Hrynchyshyn Dmytro, CFA
Khavkin Mark, CFA
Klymchuk Andriy, CFA
Kolesov Alexander
Magaletskyi Konstantin
Makogon Sergiy
Myronova Olena
Nazarenko Anastasiya
Nazarenko Svitlana
Nichosova Tatiana
Nikitin Oleg
Onyshchenko Anna, CFA
Pochuev Oleksiy
Pomazan Elena
Savchuk Sergei, CFA
Selekhman Mykola, CFA
Shmanenko Rostyslav
Shvachko Oleksandr
Slipchenko Sergiy
Strashna Oksana, CFA
Ushkov Yuriy, CFA

 Members' Primary Investment Practice

Members' Primary Investment Practice

 Members' Occupations

Members' Occupations

 Contact Info

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