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 Benefits of Society Membership

  • Network with peers in the industry
  • Be part of an effectual and common voice to develop and protect the interests of the profession
  • Stay abreast of trends that affect the industry in your market
  • Take advantage of local professional development opportunities
  • Socialize with industry insiders
  • Take advantage of discounts to dynamic and educational local programs
  • Access additional resources, such as job announcements and newsletters

 Application Steps

In order to facilitate and simplify the process of joining CFA Society Ukraine, please see below brief instructions on how to apply online at the CFA Institute website:

  1. Log in at the CFA Institute web site. For those, who isn’t enrolled in the CFA Program, register first at the CFA Institute web site and obtain login and password.
  2. Apply online to CFA Society Ukraine. Please find Membership section at your Account Home. Select Ukraine from the list of local societies and complete the online application.
  3. Finalize sponsorship procedure. After completing online registration you will receive an e-mail from CFA Institute with a link to be forwarded to your sponsors. We require three professional references unless you have a reference from a regular member of CFA Society Ukraine. In that case, two professional references are required. We prefer references from your supervisor(s). You may not serve as a reference for your own application.
  4. After sponsorship procedure is complete, you will receive a letter from CFA Institute. Activate your membership by paying a fee. CFA Institute and CFA Society Ukraine annual membership fees are $275 and $50 respectively.

To download instructions how to submit an Application for membership please click here.

If you have any difficulties with registration process or with getting sponsors, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

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