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 Your best way to pass CFA Exam!

The CFA Program equips you with the practical and fundamental knowledge you need for a wide variety of career choices in the investment profession. 

The Program Curriculum focuses on the practical knowledge and current skills needed to excel in this industry and is based on an extensive and ongoing global practice analysis process. 

Over the past 10 years the pass rate for the Level I exam has varied between 34% and 62%. We are looking forward to increasing the pass rate among Ukrainian CFA Candidates. 

Remember that preparation is a very complex process and only hard work and good time-management could help you to succeed! 

 E-Courses for CFA Level I

For 2023 CFA Program Candidates (Level I)

We invite 2023 CFA Program Сandidates to join newest edition of the Prep e-Course designed for #cfalevel1 candidates by CFA Society Poland.

When? 📅 We are starting already on January 21. All classes take place during weekends ⏰ from 9 AM CET till 5 PM CET.

Why is it worth joining? 
✔️ Nine online classes with live webinars tailored to students' needs.
✔️ Attractive price 🏷️, lower by several times than offers available on the market.
✔️ Access to materials that support your self-study.
✔️ Free access to Refinitiv Workspace through out the e-course.
✔️ Expert knowledge, long-standing understanding of CFA curriculum specifics and professional instructors with strong knowledge background (theory + business practice).

Total price for 9 training days: 511 EUR gross 

Instructors: Wojciech Lyjak, FCCA, CFA, Piotr Adamczyk, CFA and Krzysztof Jajuga have worked with CFA Program candidates for a very long time. 

Interested? Please send your application at [email protected]

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 Live Preparation Courses

CFA Society Ukraine Live Preparation Course offers CFA Level I Candidates more than 40 hours curriculum studies. 

The course includes 8 classes of 6-hour live studies.

More details you can find in CFA Level I PrepCourses​.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and military conditions, this course is temporarily unavailable.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 
e-mail:[email protected] 
or telephone: +380 93 940 9000 (Anna Anzina​)

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