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CFA Society Ukraine mission cannot be fulfilled without our volunteers’ continuous efforts. Our board of directors being entirely run by volunteers, we appreciate the time and effort required as well as how rewarding the involvement can be.
Joining our team, you will also become a part of dedicated and motivated finance professionals. CFA Society Ukraine allows you to develop and enhance your leadership and management skills. This also gives you the opportunity to join global and regional CFA Institute initiatives, allowing you to connect with society leaders worldwide.
CFA Society Ukraine has a lot of challenging project you can participate in, contributing to investment industry in Ukraine.
Project Short description Area of Volunteer’s contribution
Ukrainian Investment Forum Ukrainian Investment Forum provides opportunities to evaluate and analyze more thoroughly the latest development in various alternatives of capital raising and networking with leaders of investment market in Ukraine.
  1. Event administration.
  2. Calling for speakers and participants.
  3. Sponsorship.
  4. Media relations.
  5. Venue & Logistics.
CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine CFA Institute Research Challenge is leading student competition on investment analysis that promotes best practises in equity research among the next generation of analysts through hands-on mentoring and intensive training in company analysis and presentation skills.
  1. Event administration.
  2. Calling for speakers, participants.
  3. Mentoring, grading and judgment.
  4. Sponsorship.
  5. Media relations.
  6. Venue & Logistics.
Networking Events

CFA Society Ukraine organizes networking events serves to create a local investment professional network with global outreach of worldwide colleagues.
As for today the following networking events is organized by CFA Ukraine:

  1. Presenattion of keynote speakers from CFA Institute.
  2. Forecast Dinner.
  3. Charter Recognition Ceremony.
  1. Event administration.
  2. Calling for speakers and participants.
  3. Sponsorship.
  4. Media relations.
  5. Venue & Logistics.
Membership CommitteeProjects Projects organizing by CFA Ukraine aimed to bring more value to Society Members. The purpose of all Membership Committe Projects are basically to expand and grow as the society.

Up-to-the-minute areas of Volunteer contribution are:

  1. Analyzing of Survey Results.
  2. Contacting with actual, potential or lapsed members of CFA Ukraine. 
Involvement on a regular basis!*
Advocacy CommitteeProjects Advocacy involves building and maintaining relations with the regulatory agencies and other professional organizations. The society endeavours to comment on initiatives by the regulatory agencies in Ukraine and Europe. CFA Society Ukraine does this alone, and/or in collaboration with other societies.

Up-to-the-minute areas of Volunteer contribution are:

  1. Asset Managers Code Translation.
  2. Cooperation with UAIB, the Memorandum of Cooperation was prepared and discussed. The main goals for cooperation are:
  • implementation of Asset Managers Code and GIPS within UAIB and in the market;
  • participation in the UAIB's annual conference.
Involvement on a regular basis!*
University Liaison Committee Projects The CFA Institute Program should be continually translated into Ukrainian universities through CFA Institute Research Challenge, university based lectures to the interested students, and scholarship program.
  1. University based lectures.
  2. University recognition program.
  3. University conference.
Job line This valuable career resource provides members and volunteers with access to hundreds of job postings placed by organizations in Ukraine and around the world. The job line and analogue of Resume Book of interested members should be developed.
  1. Resume Book development.
  2. Calling for Members’ Resume.
  3. Technical support of job line.
Volunteer Resource Centre CFA Ukraine Society runs by volunteer resource. Considering stable growth of number of society volunteers the well-managed system of volunteer engagement should be created
  1. Technical support of volunteer registration
  2. Feedback for Society volunteers
  3. Calling for new Volunteers
Involvement on a regular basis!*

Involvement on a regular basis!* means that we are looking for volunteers who would like to be engaged in the Committee regardless the particular project at the permanent basis..

In case you have any fresh ideas for new CFA Ukraine projects, please, share it with us and become the part of a coveted circle of investment professionals around the world!

You are welcomed to join our volunteer team to provide you with opportunities to contribute to the profession in a positive way. Click here to initiate your involvement with the CFA Society Ukraine!

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us via:


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