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 Volunteer Resource Center

CFA Society Ukraine has a team of volunteers seeking to bring valuable information and experiences to our membership. We are continually looking to expand our network of volunteers who bring creative ideas and energy to our Society.

CFA Society Ukraine volunteers play the primary role in advancing the Society's goals and providing support in current projects.

We recognize that volunteer involvement:

• is vital to the relevance and value of CFA Society Ukraine to its membership;
• promotes cooperation within the community of investment professionals;
• mutually benefits the volunteers and CFA Society Ukraine;
• increases our capacity to fulfill our mission and accomplish our goals.

Volunteering heightens your visibility and puts you in contact with other professionals in the industry. There are many levels of volunteer activity, so take your time evaluating how you would like to get involved and then get started by following the simple steps below.

Becoming a CFA Ukraine volunteer, you receive the following benefits:

• participate in up-to-date Society projects;
• possibility to become a committee member or get involved with one of our special interest groups;
• interact with peers from the CFA Society Ukraine network;
• receive exclusive discounts for all CFA Society Ukraine events;
• positively contribute to the profession in Ukraine;
• be in touch with the latest news of the World and Ukrainian investment industry.

No matter you are a CFA Candidate or CFA Institute member, if you admire to become a member of the worldwide network of investment professionals, please, do not remit to join CFA Society Ukraine by dint of Registration Form.

Volunteering is part and parcel of CFA Society Ukraine and calls for coherent team-work of each volunteer member. Hence, the following volunteer's requirements will provide more productive and successful interaction of all CFA Ukraine Society members:

• Participation in current projects of CFA Society Ukraine is required.
• Inform the Project Leader in case of your inability in ongoing project participation.
• Response CFA Society Ukraine corporate letters on 24 hours deadline while working on a separate project and in 2 hours if the issue is noticed as urgent.
• Inform the Volunteer Committee in case you wish to change the nature of your volunteering activities.
• Perform your volunteering tasks to the best of your ability on assigned deadlines.
• Return any documents that you hold on behalf of CFA Society Ukraine or society members promptly to the respected Society Member.

Please, remember that all CFA Society Ukraine​ volunteers are active on the unpaid and non-for-profit basis, support CFA Ukraine aims and objectives, and work as a part of a team to help achieve Society's goals.​

Active volunteers of CFA Society Ukraine are welcome to participate in all Society events!

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