CFA Society Ukraine

A Member of the CFA Institute Global Network of Societies

the Gravity AgencyKyiv, Ukraine (near Mykhaylivska square)6/1/2017
FinPointKyiv, Ukraine6/9/2017
Myronivsky Hliboproduct Kyiv, Ukraine6/9/2017
Adamant CapitalKyiv, Ukraine6/9/2017
Concorde Capital Kyiv, Ukraine6/14/2017
Dragon CapitalKyiv, Ukraine6/21/2017
EBRDKyiv, Ukraine7/17/2017
EBRDKyiv, Ukraine7/17/2017
Anex Kyiv, Ukraine7/21/2017
KyivstarKyiv, Ukraine7/27/2017
The World BankKyiv, Ukraine8/4/2017
KyivstarKyiv, Ukraine8/22/2017
LIGA ZAKONKyiv, Ukraine8/22/2017
National Agency of Ukraine for finding, tracing and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes Kyiv, Ukraine8/29/2017
Adamant CapitalKyiv, Ukraine9/13/2017
Deloitte Kyiv, Ukraine9/13/2017
Deloitte Kyiv, Ukraine9/13/2017
Deloitte Kyiv, Ukraine9/13/2017
ProZorro.Sale ProjectKyiv, Ukraine9/19/2017
National Bank of UkraineKyiv, Ukraine9/20/2017
TA VenturesKyiv, Ukraine10/10/2017
Eastforce, private investment fundKyiv, Ukraine10/10/2017
EasyBusinessKyiv, Ukraine10/10/2017
FinPointKyiv, Ukrainr10/16/2017

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