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CFA Society Victoria - Financial Literacy Committee

Financial decisions touch so many aspects of each of our lives. Skills like being able to identify common financial terms, creating a family budget, preparing for retirement or purchasing a home are critical in building financial security and quality of life.

Who We Are - Financial Literacy Committee

CFA Society Victoria is a non-profit professional association of investment and finance professionals.

Our Financial Literacy Committee's objective is to enable and inspire smart financial decision-making by building financial literacy within our South Vancouver Island community.

Committee Members

Krystina Walton – LinkedIn Link

Purnur Schneider – LinkedIn Link

Graham Whitwell – LinkedIn Link

Christopher Yuan – LinkedIn Link

Larry Nguyen – LinkedIn Link

Brent Wilson – LinkedIn Link

Current Initiatives

Partnership Activities with Junior Achievement British Columbia (JABC)

Financial literacy in our community's youth is a core life skill in today's modern world. The Financial Literacy Committee of CFA Society Victoria works in close partnership with JABC to help inspire, prepare, and empower B.C. youth for lifelong success.

We fulfil this objective through the Committee's direct volunteer work, actively assisting JABC with delivery of in-classroom sessions. This initiative also helps recruit new volunteers to facilitate classes from our society's member base, local post-secondary institutions, and through the Peer-to-Peer program in the local business community.


Community Outreach

While many for-profit organizations such as banks and credit unions do an excellent job providing financial advice and education, their reach can have gaps. Certain segments of our community such as recent immigrants and lower-income households may not have access to adequate levels of financial advice or education.

This initiative's goal is to equip our neighbours with the necessary skills to make smart decisions that contribute to their financial success and stability. Through activities like workshops and events, we aim to partner with local non-profit organizations that work directly with these individuals to deliver financial literacy to those that need it most.


Are you from an organization that works with individuals in our local community that may benefit from Financial Literacy workshops?

Or does volunteering to support Financial Literacy resonate with you?

We'd love to hear from you!

Please reach out to us by email at [email protected] Attention: Krystina Walton & Christopher Yuan.