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   CFA Program Awareness Scholarships

If you have questions about the CFA Society Virginia Scholarships available, please contact Cory Bunting or Jeff Omohundro, the Co-Education & Scholarship Chairs:

jeffomohundro @ gmail dot com
corybunting @ yahoo dot com

​Related Information

  • If awarded, the recipient can apply the scholarship for one of the exams below:

    • May 2022 (Level I & Level III)
    • August 2022 (Level I & Level II)
    • November 2022 (Level I & Level III)

CFA Program Awareness Scholarships are role-based opportunities available to qualified applicants in the media, academic, and financial communities. We also offer an Awareness Scholarship for women who are interested in earning the CFA charter.

In collaboration with our University Relations team, we offer Awareness Scholarships to students attending a college or university that participates in one of the following:
  • University Affiliation Program
  • CFA Program Partner initiative
  • University Recognition Program
Additional Awareness Scholarships offered by CFA Institute include
  • Women keenly interested in obtaining the CFA charter
  • Employees of qualified regulatory agencies
  • College/university faculty
  • Media organization employees

Note: CFA Program Access Scholarships, awarded in collaboration with our member societies, provide support to those who may be unable to afford the full price for enrollment and exam registration.


The scholarship waives the one-time CFA Program enrollment fee (if applicable) and reduces the exam registration fee (includes access to the curriculum eBook) to US$350.


Applicants must meet all CFA Program enrollment requirements. Review the requirements

Award Cycle

Awareness Scholarships are awarded as applications are received (before the deadline) and processed.
  • Recipients of the June scholarship may only apply it to the upcoming June exam (Levels I, II, and III).
  • Recipients of the December scholarship may only apply it to the upcoming December exam (Level I).

Important Information

To ensure your application is processed without delay:
  • Complete your application using the online edit function in the PDF.
  • Print the completed form and then add your signature and date.
  • Scan and email the completed application as an attachment to [email protected]. Keep your email copy for your records.

Awareness Scholarships Official Rules (PDF)

The registration fee includes access to the curriculum eBook and a print version of the curriculum can be purchased separately. Therefore we do not issue credits to applicants who wish to purchase the print curriculum in advance. (If you purchase the print curriculum, you will also be responsible for shipping costs and any applicable import duties and taxes.)

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