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If you would like to get more involved in CFAW, we recommend you read about our various committees that work on projects year-round for the Society. Below is a description about each one. Also, you can find the committee chairs at the Society's events so we encourage you to introduce yourself and learn more about what they do.

Committees of the Board:



Chair: Brad Neumann, CFA


The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board on financial related matters.  These include recommending a draft annual budget, monitoring the asset allocation of Society reserve funds, overseeing the annual audit and other ad-hoc special financial analysis needs.


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Chair: Roman Iwachiw, CFA

The Executive Committee is comprised of CFAW Board Officers and the Immediate Past Chair. It assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibility to manage its own operations and to act on behalf of the board during on-demand activities that may occur between Board meetings.

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Chair: Janna Laudato, CFA

The Governance Committee works to ensure that the board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance policy development, recruitment strategies, training programs, monitoring of board activities, and evaluation of board members' performance.

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Committees of the Society:

External Relations:
Chair: Victor Krasij, CFA
Vice Chair: Trevor Montano

Board Liaison: Matthew Malone, Esq., CFA & Roman Iwachiw, CFA

The External Relations Committee performs outreach to the community, employers, regulators, nonprofits and universities to raise awareness of the substance and value of the CFA charter. It supports CFA Institute advocacy efforts locally and assists with other external focused activities such as media and sponsor relations.

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Member Engagement:
Chair: Randy Nordby, CFA
Board Liaison: Michael Hickey & Miro Kollar, CFA

The Member Engagement Committee focuses on member recruitment, engagement and retention and evaluates the overall member experience. The committee uses social media to communicate about CFAW, and also to organize networking events and informal member-organized gatherings.

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Chair: Camille Alexander, CFA

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the Chair and approved by the Board each year to identify qualified candidates for Officer and Director positions.

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Programs & Education:
Chair: Sarah Bever, CFA
Vice Chair: Stuart Cohen, CFA, CPA
Board Liaison: Toshie Kabuto, CFA & Shep Buckman, CFA

The Programs & Education Committee helps members enhance their investment knowledge, professional practices, career development and professional networks. The committee plans and executes approximately 2-3 programs per month that provide opportunities for networking, professional education, career development and/or technical training. Committee members recruit thought leaders and prominent practitioners as speakers, and create and deliver events of interest to members. The committee also organizes CFA exam prep resources for local candidates and oversees the awarding of scholarships.

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