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Regular Membership ($125 per year) is perfect for CFA Charterholders or CFA Program Candidates. Membership provides the knowledge, recognition, and community that investment professionals need to advance their careers. Every member service – from extensive programming to CFA Institute publications – is designed to meet the specific needs of investment professionals. 

You must be a Regular Member of CFA Institute in order to join CFA Society Washington, DC as a Regular Member. 

Regular Members must:

  • hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent education/work experience

  • have a passing score for the Level I CFA exam, CIPM Program Level II exam, or the CFA Institute's self-administered Standards of Practice Exam

  • have 48 months of professional work experience in investment decision-making

  • have 2 or 3 years of professional references

Once you join or renew with CFA Institute, you will be asked to select a local society. 

Please choose CFA Society Washington, DC as your local chapter!

You will be prompted to pay the annual dues to CFA Institute ($275) and CFA Society Washington, DC ($125).

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