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 Who Comprises CFAWM's Membership?

CFA West Michigan’s membership largely consists of CFA Charterholders and professionals in the investment industry who have demonstrated mastery of investment analysis and decision-making in a global financial industry. The j​ob functions represented by our membership are diverse, ranging from equity, fixed income, and alternative investment analysts to portfolio managers, research analysts, financial advisors, risk managers, and CEOs.

Member Demographics​
  • ​93% of our members are CFA Charterholders
  • ​9% of our members are female; 91% are male
  • 69% of CFAWM members are between 31 and 55 years ​of age
  • ​​46​ is the average age of our members


 Global Member and Society Breakdown

​​CFA Institute 

     Members - over 163,000
     Chartherholders -  over 139,000
     Societies - 159
     Countries - 90
     CFA Exam Candidates - 319,000

Americas Region
     Members - over 97,000
     CFA Exam Candidates - 88,000​​

Europe, Middle East, Africa Region
     Members - over 35,000
     CFA Exam Candidates - 58,000

ASIA Region
     Members - over 31,000​
     CFA Exam Candidates - ​173,000

 Compensation Survey Results

 Top Employers

​Greenleaf Trust
Jackson National Life Insurance Company
Fifth Third Bank
Norris, Perne & French LLP
LVM Capital Management Ltd. 
Legacy Trust
Van Andel Institute
Chemical Bank
Arcadia Investment Management 
Advisory Alpha