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What is CFA Society Winnipeg?

CFA Society Winnipeg has served the Winnipeg investment community since 1952 by promoting ethical and professional standards within the investment industry. Our society is an active participant and innovator within our international organization - CFA Institute.

Do I need to be a Charterholder to be a member of CFA Society Winnipeg?

No. You can become a member of CFA Society Winnipeg through the “Professional Network Service Brochure” (PNS) which does not require membership in CFA Institute. The PNS was introduced by CFA Society Winnipeg to meet the needs of local corporations and individuals who would like to support CFA Society Winnipeg and receive discounts on CFA Society Winnipeg events. PNS subscribers do not have access to any of the benefits from CFA Institute.

How do I join a committee?

You can find a list of committees and the chairpersons on our website. Call or e-mail our Administrator and tell them you would like to volunteer. We are always look for volunteers with bright and exciting ideas.

What is the CFA Center for Financial Market Integrity?

The mission of the CFA Center for Financial Market Integrity is to be a leading voice on issues of fairness, efficiency, and investor protection in global capital markets and to promote high standards of ethics, integrity, and professional excellence within the investment community. For more info please visit the CFA Institute Website at:

How do I become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) Charterholder?

You become a CFA Charterholder by passing each of the three levels of the CFA exam, and by then meeting certain work experience requirements. Visit the CFA Institute website, or email CFA Institute at [email protected]; CFA Institute administers the CFA exam, and awards the CFA Charter.

What are the benefits of earning the Chartered Financial Analyst designation?

The CFA Charter means more than just academic study. Every CFA Charterholder has a minimum of 4 years of experience in the financial industry in and analytical or decision making capacity. For more information, check out the CFA Institute Website at

Do I need to read the recommended readings of CFA Institute?

Although the Stella & Schweser Study Notes highlight the essential readings and study guides, we suggest that you purchase and read the books that CFA Institute recommends. For more information, visit their website at

How many hours should I study?

CFA Institute suggests 250-300 hours of preparation for the exam. In addition to self-study, a weekly review, condensed review or an intensive course can help you achieve a greater understanding of the material.