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 Membership Requirements

CFA Society Winnipeg is a local chapter of CFA Institute. Becoming a member of CFA Society Winnipeg requires first joining CFA Institute, through which all membership applications are processed. Membership classifications for both CFA Institute and CFA Society Winnipeg are CFA Charterholder, Regular Member, Affiliate Member or Retired Member.  Click here for a description of the different membership types and more information on applying for membership.

CFA Society Winnipeg also offers the “Professional Network Service” (PNS) supporter member, which does not require membership with CFA Institute. The PNS was introduced by CFA Society Winnipeg to meet the needs of financial professionals who would like to support CFA Society Winnipeg and receive discounts on CFA Society Winnipeg events, but do not intend on becoming a CFA charterholder. Therefore, PNS subscribers do not have access to any of the benefits of CFA Institute membership.  For more information on the PNS and how to apply, please contact us at [email protected].

The table below outlines the options and requirements for each level of membership and includes information on dues and links to application forms.

Member Type Charterholder Member Regular Member Affiliate Member PNS
Open To Membership with CFA Institute is a requirement for using the CFA® and CIPM® designations. Candidates or Individuals who have completed the work experience requirements for the eventual award of the Charter AND have successfully completed Level 1 of the CFA Program or Level 2 of the CIPM Program.
Candidates, Individuals or Investment professionals who do not meet the eligibility requirements of regular memberships or do not intend to participate in the CFA Program or CIPM Program.
Candidates, Individuals or Corporations who do not wish to join CFA Institute but wish to support and be involved with CFA Society Winnipeg.
CFA Institute Annual Dues US $275 US $275 US $275  
CFA Society Winnipeg Annual Dues US $50 US $50 US $50 CDN $55
CFA Institute Membership Y Y Y N

Do You Qualify for Professional Leave?
Changes in your career path or personal circumstances shouldn't prevent you from maintaining your membership. We offer Professional Leave to members who have been active for at least five years (years do not need to be consecutive) and are not currently working in a full-time position where they are engaged in professional activities that qualify as acceptable work experience.

In response to COVID-19, we are relaxing the five-year active membership requirement for Professional Leave for the 2020–2021 membership year. If you have been a member for fewer than five years, are currently unemployed, and/or are not working in a full-time position where you are engaged in professional activities that qualify as acceptable work experience, you may be eligible for Professional Leave status and a reduced CFA Institute membership fee, from USD275 to USD100. Professional leave is available to existing members only.

Professional Leave is available for the following circumstances:

  • Change of profession (outside of the investment industry)
  • Family, health, personal matters
  • Unemployment
  • Full-time student
  • Retired
If you meet the requirements for Professional Leave status, update your membership status with both CFA Institute and the reduced rate will be reflected in your transaction the next time you renew your membership.