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Earning the CFA charter requires a commitment to learning and excellence. 

CFA Society Winnipeg and CFA Institute can help you realize your ambitions to join the global CFA charterholder community with a variety of resources.

 CFA® Program Resources

CFA Exam Study Materials for CFA® Program Registered Candidates.

When you register for the CFA Program, you will gain access to a variety of study tools and resources to help you prepare for the exam. We will support you with our learning ecosystem and community along your path to become a CFA charterholder.

  • Official program curriculum
  • Study sessions for each level
  • Custom study plans designed just for you
  • Practice questions throughout the curriculum
  • Mock exam, mimicking the exam-day experience
  • Study resources and tips
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 Boston Practice Exam

Boston Practice Exam.png
For over 20 years, CFA Society Boston has been a leading provider of CFA® Exam preparation materials. On average the CFA Boston Practice Exam is used by more than 3,000 candidates worldwide and over 45 local societies from around the globe. 

Candidates can purchase the 2022 Practice Exam directly from CFA Society Boston for $100USD which includes both the practice exam and access to the Online Test Bank 
  • Level I - includes 180 unique questions 
  • Level II - includes 88 unique questions 
Every candidate that purchases a Practice Exam at the listed price is required to select their member CFA Society, or, if not a member, the CFA Society they are closest to geographically.

For more information email: [email protected]

 Kaplan Schweser

The Most Trusted CFA® Study Program Around the World

Kaplan Schweser has been partnering with CFA societies for 15 years...developing candidates into CFA® charterholders and ultimately leaders in society communities. Schweser's study program has evolved over the years to create an engaging experience for candidates, using real-time data to guide them to exam success in an adaptive manner. 

CFA Society Winnipeg has arranged for its candidates to get special pricing discounts on study materials through the Schweser Study Program for the CFA Exams. 

Kaplan Schweser Free Resources

Schweser offers free resources to those interested in earning the coveted CFA® charter. Candidates can sign-up to receive daily CFA® Program practice questions, access a free product trial, download eBooks, and more. View Free Resources »

  • Free Question of the Day - Sign up to receive a level-specific CFA® Program practice question delivered directly to your inbox each day!
  • Kaplan Schweser Blog - Our continuously updated blog features expert-written blogs with tips and information related to becoming a CFA® charterholder, passing the CFA® exam, and advancing your career.
  • Free eBook: Before You Decide to Sit for the CFA Exam - Get advice from CFA® charterholders who have successfully gone through the program. Learn what it takes to earn the charter and ultimately succeed in the investment industry.

Area candidates and members are eligible for discounted Kaplan Schweser exam prep materials. 

 Wiley Efficent Learning


Wiley Efficient Learning

CFA Society Winnipeg Candidates receive a 30% discount on all Wiley CFA® Exam Review materials.  
Designed by expert instructors to help busy, real-world candidates prepare to pass, you'll learn faster and retain more with comprehensive study materials and efficient, mini "bite-sized" lessons that can be taken in as little as 40 minutes. Trusted by thousands of candidates from over 100+ countries.

Wiley's CFA Review Platinum course includes:

  • Pay Once Until you Pass Guarantee – 100% free course repeats and updates including live online classes until you pass the CFA exam
  • Weekly live virtual classes supported by professional online mentoring
  • ​110+ hours of video lectures with top instructors (50+ hours for Level III), study guide and thousands of practice questions
  • 3 Full-length mock exams 
  • Adaptive study planner, dashboard and metrics to track your progress right up to exam day
  • 11th Hour Final Review course that condenses the readings for the final few weeks of study
Not ready to buy? 
Take a FREE TRIAL​ and experience the difference Wiley can make to your CFA exam prep.

Free Wiley CFA Study Materials Available Here 

 Explore Scholarship Options

Scholarship Assessment tool to find the scholarship best suited for you. 

All scholarships include a waived enrollment fee and discounted registration.

Scholarships are awarded 
on a rolling basis, allowing candidates to select from multiple upcoming exam offerings.

 CFA Institute Access Scholarship

CFA Society Winnipeg is participating in the CFA Institute Access Scholarship program for the CFA exams for all three levels. Access scholarship awards reduce CFA Program enrolment and exam registration fees to $250 USD.

For more information and to completed online application, follow the instructions found here: CFA Institute Access Scholarship

Any questions regarding the application process or selection should be directed to ​Director of Candidate Relations for CFA Society Winnipeg at [email protected].

 Women's Awareness Scholarships

​​​This scholarship is available to women around the world who are interested in earning the CFA® charter and who do not qualify for other CFA Institute scholarships. Women working in the investment management industry are encouraged to apply. Women's Scholarships

In support of the CFA Institute Women in Investment Management initiative, we offer scholarships to women around the world.

Eligible applicants: Women who do not qualify for other CFA Institute scholarships, who are interested in earning the CFA charter, and who are eligible to enroll in the CFA Program. CFA Women's Scholarship

 Role-Based Scholarships

Awareness scholarships are merit or role-based opportunities that offer a reduced fee for CFA Institute educational programs. There are several categories of Awareness Scholarships, learn more about the different types of scholarships CFA Institute makes available to candidates in CFA Program and CIPM Program.