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CFA北京协会(CFA Society Beijing),即北京金融分析师协会,于2013年经北京市社会团体登记管理机关核准登记,是由CFA持证人发起成立的金融投资领域专业组织、非营利性社团法人,是中国大陆地区首家正式注册成立的CFA持证人地方协会。


CFA北京协会积极推动国内金融行业加深对CFA资格认证以及CFA Institute倡导的国际化金融投资相关行业标准的认知,并延续了CFA Institute为金融投资行业培养更多国际化、专业化人才的使命。


CFA® Society Beijing (Chartered Financial Analyst Society Beijing) is an association of professionals specializing in financial investment. A non-profit body founded by CFA® charterholders, it was approved by the social organization registration authority in Beijing in 2013 and was the first CFA Society officially registered in mainland China.

CFA Society Beijing's mission is to uphold the professional standards of ethics, knowledge, and expertise recognized by international financial markets, and the organization is dedicated to providing better services for the growing number of CFA charterholders and CFA® Program candidates. In pursuit of its goal to cultivate professional talent for the financial industry, CFA Society Beijing actively promotes the CFA® charter and the domestic application of international standards.

One of the 150 CFA Societies globally, CFA Society Beijing uses its unique regional advantage to promote the exchange of financial knowledge, professional opportunities, and talent through regional collaborations with other Societies. It also serves as a platform for Beijing's financial professionals to expand their careers. By gathering top talent and strengthening overseas cooperation, CFA Society Beijing is devoted to helping establish Beijing as an international financial hub.

 The Mission

遵守宪法、法律、法规和国家政策,遵守社会道德风尚; 致力于建立并推广更高标准的道德操守、专业知识及职业素养;维护会员的合法权益,提高会员素质, 加强会员与各省市和国际金融机构的合作与交流;促进金融行业的健康发展。

CFA Society Beijing abides by the constitution, laws, regulations, and national policies of China, as well as upholding the country's standards of social morality. The Society is committed to establishing and promoting a higher professional standard of ethics, knowledge, and expertise. It also aims to protect members' legal rights and enhance their professional competence by strengthening collaboration and communication with international and regional financial institutions, in order to stimulate the healthy development of the industry.

 About CFA Institute

CFA Institute is a global, nonprofit member organization of financial analysts, portfolio managers, and other investment professionals.